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Sunday, October 5, 2014


Between A Rock and A Hard Place (Radical Rock Stars, #2)Between A Rock and A Hard Place by Jenna Galicki
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh Boy do I have another Goody for you Today and I do Mean It's a Goody!! HOT-STEAMY-SEXY-FULL OF ACTION!!! HOT OFF THE PRESS -- By JENNA GALICKI. I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion. And this my friends is MY HONEST OPINION!!!! This is the 2nd book in the series of the Prince of Rock. And Ms Galicki has done it again. But before I tell you some about the story -let me tell you about Tommy Blade his wife Jessi- and the other member of their family Angel.The three of them make up a family. They characters are described in detail- depth-each one has a soul.You can picture them together, and you can picture each of the characters of the book. As for the scenes of this story. Man-let me tell Ms Galicki sure has out done herself, When the guys are on the beach together in Hong Kong you can actually see them there.
Now let me tell some about the story. As it starts Jessi is finishing up her college classes so she can graduate. She is also getting ready to open her own store. Tommy comes home and informs her that the band has just been book for a tour in Hong Kong and they leave in 2 weeks, She says that she can't go. He says that she better be ready as she is gonna be on that plane. Jessi explains that she is finishing up her final classes and is almost ready to open her store there is no way that she can be ready on 2 weeks. The guys will have to leave without her and she will catch up with them in Europe. Finally Tommy and Angel agree with her. They have a tearful good-bye at the airport. On the 20 hr trip over Angel tells Tommy that this is there time together, They never had a honeymoon-and this is it. While they are there the 2 guys grow closer together. The first night -rather the first morning before the sunrises they go to the beach together to watch the sun come up. When they get to the water they slip out of their briefs and run into the freezing water. When they come out they wrap together in a blanket. Make mad passion love right there on the beach. While back at home Jessi is having to live thru the photo's that are take of the guys together. There was a picture of them going down to beach, have a intimate dinner together , (Angel was feeding Tommy) the guys with there are around each others shoulders as they are walking together. She is waiting to get phones from them-she misses Tommy and Angel(but Tommy the most-they have never been apart) It is the eve before her graduation and Tommy calls her - she is on cloud nine.. She doesn't realize that both of them are at home when they call. They surprise her stating that they wouldn't miss her graduation for nothing. The next day is not on,y her graduation but her grand opening. Jessie receives her degree and then the trio is off to the store for the opening. The men are shocked !! They never imagined that the store would be so hot and even filled with the Immortal Angel apparel and souvenirs. Her designs are totally awesome!! The next day the three fly out for Europe and the tour. On the plane Jessie suggest that they have a quickie in the bathroom. However it turns out to be an half hour and they are loud.When they get to there destination they are met by Audra who informed them they almost lost there contract with the label if it hadn't been for her. Everyone aboard the plane complained about Tommy. They have one strike against them. Now they have a new road manager- and they were gonna have to behave. Angus comes in and Tommy states that he is not going to cut his hair. Angus ignores the comment and tells them that while they are on this tour they will produce an album no if's an oo buts - they have studio time already scheduled for the album and they are not to miss it. Now this is where the starts to get really hot. As Jessie starts to feel left out. She also has problems back at her shop. Will everything work out between the three of them? What happens to her store?? This story is so hot and it was just released by Ms Galicki that you have to have it today!! With everything that happens in the book. I give this book a rating of 30 out of 5 stars!!! Because of the sexual scenes in the book- I recommend that this book is for adults.Don't miss the next installment of the Prince of Rock -the 3rd book- following Damien and Alyssa. It is so STEAMY!!!! NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO GET THIS NOW ON AMAZON!!!

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