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Saturday, February 7, 2015


Good Morning eveyone and Welcome to mousiey books blog This morning we have an interesting treat for everyone of you of you.. Now just sit back and listen to this amazkng conversation between Tre' Vaughn Taylor and Mousiey Books . Tre' Vaughn Taylor has written a wonderful book that is tittled 'THE PROJECT OF A WOMEN" you can find it on, goodreads, amazons, barnes & nobles ; just to name a few.
Good morning and welcome Mr Taylor May I call you Tre'??
Tre--- Good morning , and Thank you for having me . And yes please do call me Tre.

Mouisey-- Now Tre 'Looking over your bio I have seen that you wanted to write at an early age. Can you tell your readers about this?

Tre-- Yes. At the age of 9 years old is when I started writing. I use to write short stories and bring them to school; where my friends would read them and ask for more. That was the first talent I witness. Before a couple years later I discovered that I am a multitalented individual. So I know its hard for people to find out exactly who I am. I’m actually rather happy about that. I don’t want no definition. I am not a boy that can ever be define. Definition leads to limitations in my mind. I do not want you to know who I am; I want you to discover me. Discover every element about me. It’s important to be this way. Leave things for the mind to create. Be curious to find out what/ who is this young black openly gay man is/about.

Mousiey--I see that you were a model, Do you still model??

Tr' Yes, I am currently signed with JC ( John Casablancas) models. I have some new work and ETC coming up this year. I got signed last summer. It was a BIG BLESSING. It gave me hope to continue doing what I love. I needed it badly. 2013 was a great year of patience. I prayed the entire year for God to guide to a path. Where I can be me and use my talents. I still pray. It’s needed. I am sometimes afraid. I have a lot on my plate. So, I’m just doing everything I can to knock down the doors and let new artists in! We are the new generation of creativity. I can not wait to break my path into the modeling world.

MousieyI I see that your book is concerning the lives of 4 black women. Can you tell us who they are based off of??
But in truth couldn't your book be based on the lives of all women in general?

Tre' Yes I can. The women in the book are not based off of anyone. They are traits of women I’ve met that I created into 4 complex characters. But the characters are not anyone at all. They are from my imagination. It’s funny because I get this question a lot. It’s because I have a deep passion to dive deep. I like to dive deep in social issues and create from there. Women at the time of this novel were my social issues to discover. The women share something that creates and signals other women to have a connection with. The book can be based off women lives in general. I will not deny that. I think that’s why it’s so successful thus far. Because it’s a meaningful body of work that you can connect with.

Mousiey- How did you come up with this book?

Tre' How did I come up with this book? this amazing- phenomenal novel? I would like to say I wrote this book. At a very troubling moment in my life. I was a few months out of high school. I was looking for a path towards my goals. I started writing this book in august of 2013 and finished it in October 2013. It didn’t take me much time to create. The stories begin to flow from my fingertips as I created the first chapter. I did in fact listen to a lot of music during the process of creation. My go- to’s were Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson, Nicki Minaj and John Legend. Also a little of Whitney Houston. The music helped me create the scenes in my head. I didn’t intentionally think I’ll write a book about women issues. It just mapped itself out through the music. I needed characters with great connection. The music helped me create and discover characters of great foundations of connection.

Mousiey- what inspired you to write about the struggles of women?

Tre' -My mom. My grandmother. And especially a lot of ground breaking - complex women I’ve met or read about. There was a story there that needed to be told. I found that outlet to tell their story. When reading you can see yourself or someone you know. That’s what I love about it because readers tell me how much they can connect with it. I think that’s the most rewarding feeling to have. To have people say you were telling my life story. It just sends chills down my back.

Mousiey- Do you plan on writing any more books like the one you have just written "Project of Being a Women"?

Tre--: I have a plan to write tons of books. I have so many stories in my head. This novel was 2 years old work. I have so much stuff coming up. But to answer your question I don’t think it will be down the same alley way. I want to express from every point of view I can. I do have a sequel to this book. That debuts next year but if you go pick up a paperback copy and read the bonus chapters. I think that will hold you off until the sequel. The sequel was demanded. I wasn’t going to write a sequel. I was going to leave things for your imagination. But each reader that finished the book begged for a sequel. They said “ You can’t do this. You have to give us closure for each character’s story line.” I thought about it and threw in some bonus chapters. I’m completely humbled by everyone’s review on the book. So glad that people loved this. I was so scared to release it. I thought people would not buy my book. I thought people would not get me. Because of the many career hats I wear. But I was wrong, people freaking loved it!

Mousiey- Your book is on amazon US and UK in both kindle and paperback form . Do you plan on extending the sale of your book on any other book sites?

Tre-I’m working on a lot of outlets right now to carry my book. I can’t talk so much about it right now but I am trying to go the next level with things. So, yes indeed there will be more outlets for my book.

Mousiey-How did creating the book cover ( art work) process go?

Tre' I’m glad this was asked. I know some people felt like the artwork wasn’t “ artwork” but I didn’t put much thought into it. Of course for my upcoming novels I will. But I just felt more concern about the body of work. I know the cover helps the reader come across your novel. But as a reader myself. I never let a cover stop me from reading the book’s bio. Maybe other’s aren’t like me but that’s how I am. I didn’t put much thought in the cover. I just designed the two images together and went from there. I like it! it’s simple and makes you have more mystery about the novel itself. So maybe that and the title threw people off. But for everyone reading this interview please don’t let it discourage you. Go grab yourself a copy, because you deserve a GOOD READ.

Mousiey-What separates you from other authors?

Tre-Me simply being me. I don’t think there’s any authors out there like me. The material I have is going to blow you away! People thought reading this was mind blowing. It’s only the beginning. I am going to have fun creating novels. That you will be talking about all week. I think there’s too many people aiming to please. I want to please myself with my work. I don’t want anyone telling me how to write or what to write about. Fans of my work, we will be good. I will always test my self to give you a meaningful body of work. I will not compete with novels. I want each novel to have it’s own lane. Enjoy the T.Taylor Collection.

Mousiey- What are some great challenges you face or have faced?

Tre- I think telling people to invest in my work. I think people assume that everyone is lying about how good their work is. I often think people don’t take me serious at times because I am gay. It’s weird because if a rapper was to come out as gay. People will find no interest to listen to their music. They are a joke. And for the people that don’t care. Will be judged by listening to a gay rapper. Because they assume it will make them look “ gay”. It’s foolish to me. So I think if people look past my sexuality ( which they should). I am human, I am a creator. Let me create. Other than that. Everything is normal I have to promote, I have to do promotional events and ETC. I have to interest readers in my work. I am new. I have to make a statement.
Mousiey- Who is “ Tre’ Vaughn Taylor”?

Tre: I am an artist. I am a survivor. I am someone that takes time seriously. I am someone that loves hard. I am someone that can be imperfect at times. I am someone that can be hard to handle at times. I am wise. I am honest. I am worth the extra mile. I am someone that wants to move my family from my current neighborhood. I want to give my younger siblings a child hood I never had. I am someone who has stories to tell. I am blessed. I am focus. I am sensitive. and I think it’s okay to be. I am sometimes hard on myself/ work. I am not defined.

Mousiey-- Is there anything else you would like to tell your readers?

Tre'--Yes! Thank you for reading this interview. Thank you for reading my work. Thank you for this interview. I enjoyed it. Oh yeah- I have a upcoming novel it’s called “ What’s The T?” and it’s very different from “The Project Of Being A Woman.” It’s a new beat. It deals with LGBT matters but it’s a novel for everyone. I speak about a lot of social issues. I talk about personal experiences. It’s honestly a moving body of work. It will certainly have your attention as “The Project Of Being A Woman.” Did. I also have more events coming up and a spring book signing events coming up. I will give info once everything is confirmed and ready. Thank you everyone. I am so happy for all the love I’ve received. Go grab yourself a special edition copy of my book “ The Project Of Being A Woman.” on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles TODAY! You will love this book! Oh yeah and enjoy the bonus chapters!!!!!!!!

Well there you have it folks. Now here are the wonderful ways to follow Tre Vaughn Taylor.
Twitter: @OfficialTTxo
Instagram: @OfficialTTaylorxo
Facebook: Tre Vaughn Taylor 

And before we close this up close and personal interview with Tre' Vaughn Taylor. I have some information about his new book THE PROJECT OF BEING A WOMEN . This book was just released on December 3rd 2014. So it is a brand new book, and Mr Taylor is brand new author, Now keep reading for some amazing insight on his book.

The Project Of Being A Woman: Enlists great meaningful- deep thoughts , stomach provoking content, and a rise of emotions. Set upon 4 different black women lives.
The stories you'll read and digest. Within yourself will change your perspective on the struggles women endure; by just being women.
Laura: 29 years old successful woman with a hard to digest past. At the peak of her marriage she's on demand to provide her marriage with the one thing that's missing. Knowing this may break or make her marriage. She goes to extreme measures to keep her " happy home" happy.
Sidney: 22 years old almost successful in everything but her love life. A radiant woman with great power of the P. Growing up in a rough - poor area and being abandoned by her mother at a young age. Sidney Strives to make it in the modeling world but the shady ways of the Hollywood men causes her morals to be forced. Making choices that she would learn to either regret or live with. She navigates herself through the good & bad of the business while trying to keep her dream alive.
Brenda: 30 years old Establish in a successful " IT" factor lifestyle. a woman of growing pain that she manage to keep in the back of her mind. Striving at a early age to have a " normal life" while loving a fallen victim drug addict mother. Her life since those very touching moments that taught her how to be the woman, wife,and newly mother she has become. The walls of her " happy home" will be tested as things reveal themselves and Brenda learn to find herself again.
Veronica: 20 years from the deep south. Veronica makes effort to run her business at her newly owned bridal shop and to actually enjoy this moment in her life. Being a young independent adult and the first of her mother's two kids to relocate north. She enlists for great adventures, a successful business and maybe just maybe she'll find someone to peak her interest. But after one traumatic life changing event living in this cold city. She starts to discover reality and if she could ever trust again.
These are the tales that will help you understand The Project Of Being A Woman.

Thank you Tre' for joining us today. And we wish you much success with your book., Now , I want to tell all readers out there to go get a copy of this wonderful today. You will not regret it. 

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