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Monday, September 2, 2013

Cursed.... OMG Whats Gonna Happen Next ?????

Rec'd this book from the author Patti Roberts. Thank you very much. I have to say first that this is part of a series. And the first two books were Spell binding and left me under a spell. 
With this Book 3 "Cursed" we still see the same OMG whats next's!!! sitting on your seat bitting your nails reading. I could not put this book down till I had finished it. Now I am at a lost waiting for the next chapter of Alexandra life to come out.
The story begins with Kat killing her friend Alex to save her life. And from there it just gets more complicated. Youmeet a new person Bran and somehow he might have something to do with her family or maybe not. Have figured that out yet. Now, as the story goes there are wolves in the family. Or are there?? 
I Recommend that you get this book. You never know whats right around the corner, or who is gonna come up out of the wood work.
Genius!! Genius truly Genius!!! Everything is so believable!!!
A rating of 30 stars....... How long till the next book????

This is my opinion and my honest review of the book. 


  1. and if you would like to read it - -

    Great review, thank you <3

  2. I love that feeling of OMG what's going to happen next, thank you for sharing with us. I have read book one and really enjoyed it and have picked up book. I am glad that the series is continuing to be satisfying and fun.


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