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Monday, September 2, 2013

WitchWood Estate Book ! & 2 Spell Binding!!!!

I rec'd this this book from the author Patti Roberts a couple of weeks a go. In exchange for an honest review , this is my opinion an my review of her book. I have been thinking write the review and do justice to both Patti and the book. You see, it is a work of total genius. 
The main character is a young girl by the name of Alexandria, by she goes by Alex. And after many years of being of being away from her home ; she is finally going home. She is going to claim her birth right. WitchWood Estate. a long her journey other she meets a young man by the name of Andrew(who is a ghost).
Now the estate has always belonged to her and is the home of all her family 's spirits.
The plot is pure captivating and imitative!!! The way that the author works the magic spells into the story is so awesome. The scenes and the characters come alive right before your eyes.

This book is totally Genius!!! And it is a MUST read for ya and even adults. I give this book a total of 30 stars even though I can only put 5 stars . Patti Roberts you are awesome and Genius and your imagination is truly amazing.

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