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Monday, September 2, 2013

A Magical and More You Have To Read !!!!!

I received ARC from the author Lowri Thomas, in exchange for and honest review/opinion. 
This book has it all, fairy's Druids, Chosen Ones, Celestial Beings- and more. 
The story starts that Anwen who is in love with Talliesen ( a half-celestial being) his mother is Queen Mother Spring and his Father reigns over winter. Now there is not to be any union between a chosen one and a celestial being at anytime. It is forbidden. Our poor Anwen finds herself pregnant with child. 
Now - some one or thing is after her and child. She has to protect them at all cost. Thay have all ready killed her aunt- hurt her father. 
This is story is weaved in old Welch history and modern day. The way the story comes together it is so magical you feel that you feel you are there.
The over all rating of the book based on everything I would give a 30 . And Please !!! I am now left hanging as to when the next book comes out. Don't leave me hanging where Anwen is - you have got to get her home safe !!!!


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