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Sunday, October 5, 2014


Oh boy do I have a goody for you today I rec'd a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest opinion and this is my very honest opinion -- It's called "Fat Girl" by Leigh Carron- now you can't judge a book by it's name as this book is not about a girl being fat. But about a women that is a children's advocate. And she must face her past and the man , and foster family that she left in the past. She had her reasons - she felt betrayed by the man that she was going to marry - . However his best friend did not like the fact that she was going to marry him. Mick had been caught with another girl - not just holding her but she was on his lap. And his best bud, Victor was there just laughing at the party. Of course there was a lot of drinking going on. So, when Dee saw the beautiful girl on Micks lap she ran. She left a note for her foster parents saying : Thank you" looked in on the girls, and put her engagement ring in an envelope for MIck. Now Mick need her help, well not him but his nephew- Dywane. His bio-grandparents want custody of him. They want to take him away from every thing and every one that he knows. Can Dee be his voice in court and keep him with Victor an Isabella?? Well for that answer you will need to read the book. And what happens to Dee and Mick??
The characters in this story , I found are well detailed, and meaty. You can actually see them. As for the scenes - well Ms Carron has done a fantastic job of describing them with detail . You can picture the court battle, office scenes,etc. I found this story to be so real life. It actually takes place nowadays- do you realize that?? I mean the custody battles. The excitement-page turning don't put me down till you finish the book. It is totally amazing-awesome-terrific- and Ms Carron truly has a way with words. This is the first time I have read a book by her-and I am so looking forward to more!!! The rating that I give this is a 30 out of 5 stars. And I would recommend it to all. It is definitely a MUST READ!!! And available NOW ON AMAZON - YOU CAN ALSO FIND ON SMASHWORDS!!! SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ??? RUSH DON'T STOP GET YOUR COPY NOW!!!!

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