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Saturday, October 4, 2014


This book has it all- humans-vampires, werewolves,witches and where would be without prophecies?? The setting and scenes in the "Trinity-The Prophecy are so well laid out and described with detail. That you can actually picture your self right there with the characters of the book. As for the characters of the book, well what can i say. I found them so true to life , I was so amazed with them. Between, Trinity herself, Sky, and the others in the story; they all have so much depth in them. Not only that, but I found that they have character an soul to them. You can feel them and see them in the story.
Once I started reading this book I could not put it down at all. I had to find out what was gonna happen next. This has so many twist and turns in it. I even found some things that I didn't see coming at all and I don mean not at all.
But I won't spoil the surprise for you. This is one story you are just gonna have to read for yourself. Now I will start tell you the story- give you a little bite-haha no pun intended....
So pull up a chair and a fang or two oops a mean a glass of wine. Enjoy the story .... It starts as Trinity is with her friends Sky and Nikkee to help her celebrate to her birthday in style as Nikkee says. However, all that changes when on that night she learns about the Prophecy-where she will be scratched by a beast, bitten by a monster and before the next full moon she must choose sides. When she tells her bff's one stays and one walks away. Sky walks away from her and doesn't believe her - where as Nikkee says she will never leave her side. Her brother Brandon has thing for Trinity -but she doesn't believe her. Even though she kinda thinks he is cute. 
Now , as the story goes Garth has Trinity away from everyone has she adjust to her changes. She is closely watched- her an Nickkee go clubbing at night to a vampire club without realizing. And Nik offers a bite for a bite. When Brandon overhears her-he lets them know where they are.. They didn't know that- Garth hadn't told'em. Garth takes them back to the hotel and leaves them there. Thinking they are tucked in for the night an secure- the guys leave. The girls give the guys enough time to leave an then they sneak out. This is when all sorts of excellent starts to happen - not to say that earlier in the book it didn't have as I skipped over a whole bunch.Now will the prophecy come true?? What happens to the best friends?? And what happens to Trinity and Brandon???
This book has so much excitement , twist-turns-out of the blue bomb shells!! The writing is so amazing , Kylie Price truly has a way with words -is a gifted writer. I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading the follow up to this one. Matter of fact I am on pins and needles to it . Or should I say sitting on fangs and claws ?? (hehe) For these reasons I rate this book a 20 out of a 5 vang. I recommend this to all paranormal readers, and to ya. It is available RIGHT NOW on AMAZON SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO GET IT!!!!

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