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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


>Solomon's FreedomSolomon's Freedom by Dennis Meredith
My rating: 30of 5 stars

I received a signed ARC copy of Solomons Freedom from the by Dennis Meredith in exchange for an honest review of this book- this is my honest opinion of his book. This book is so compelling and written so amazingly. It is so close to my heart, It has you seeing Solomon actually doing the sign language, the lab where they do the experiments on him. The scenes are so well described. The scientific parts of this book is so well defined that it makes one wonder if it actually happens now.
This being said let me take you on a ride with my friend Solomon and his freedom ride. The story starts out at as a young lady by the of Abigial Philips rushes up to an flamboyant trail lawyer by the name of R William"Bobby" Colter trying to hire for Solomon. She explains that they are going to kill him just to take his heart and that not right as he has a sole. See Solomon can has feelings and understands what is going on - he can communicate (talk).
The man that was and need the heart of Solomon is ailing Billionaire Walter Drake. He plans on harvesting the heart of Solomon.
This story is very moving an inspiring. I have not told you the out come on purpose as I want you to read this story. The way that Dennis Meredith has written is extremely excellent and you can tell he has done a lot of research. This book is os my opinion is so heart warming , moving & compelling !! You can feel the pain that Solomon is going thru and actually see him , and the scenes. This story is so believable it is remarkable. Therefore I give this book a rating of 30 out of 5 stars and recommend to all.It is available on at Amazon. SO GO GET YOUR COPY NOW!!!
But before you do . I asked the author a few questions and here are his answers.

How did you come up with the story of Solomon??
I began exploring research on chimp intelligence and saw the huge gap between what scientists knew about how advanced they are and the complete lack of that recognition in their legal standing. So, I began to think of a story that would dramatize that chasm. And I knew that, although it would be quite legal to use a chimp heart for a transplant, it was deeply immoral. So, that was the origin of the story.

The characters for solomon do they take after any one??
The character of Abigail Philips is modeled on dedicated chimp researchers like Jane Goodall and others who have found that the subjects of their research are in such great danger of extinction. In creating Bobby Colter, I wanted a character who had no interest at all in chimp rights, but finds himself taking up the cause when he learns the facts and gets to know chimps.

I had a chimp name sammy and I see alot of him in your chimp so did you use any characteristics of another chimp for solomon?
I based Solomon on some of the chimps I met when I hung out (pun intended) with the chimps at the Ohio State Animal Laboratory, where another dedicated researcher, Sally Boysen, was exploring their intelligence. The lab in the book was modeled after hers.

I should also point out that almost all the human characters in the book are named after her chimps. It is a sad irony that the chimp Bobby died after the book was written, while being transferred to a retirement facility.

From your bio I see you used to be a professor - so when did you know that you wanted to write?
When I was in high school I entered writing competitions, and I starting writing in earnest when I got to graduate school. I've been writing about science for some four decades, and during that time I also began writing novels.

Is there anything that you would like to tell your readers about this book or upcoming books??
Well, as you know, my next book, The Cerulean's Secret [] is also about animals, specifically genetically engineered ones. I'm excited about that novel because, besides being a cool sci fi adventure, it explores what genetic engineering might lead to in the next decades, in terms of treatment of animals.

Is there anything you would like to tell us about yourself??
I am a total science geek who loves to tell stories that get people excited about real science!

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