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Saturday, October 11, 2014


This book is written terrifically so and brilliant, Mr Meany differently has a way with words. Before I tell you some about the story. Mousey ask that you get a nibble or two and a something to drink; and of course don't forget to pull up your chair. Now I will tell you about the scenes and the characters of the "SAVE ME". The scene are so dynamic and detailed so well. That you can actually picture yourself in the woods, at the sea shore, and else where in the story. As for the characters of the book, Mr Meany has described them so well that you are able to see each of them. You are able to visual them talking and acting in the book.
Now Mousiey will tell you some about the story . As it starts out we find Ashley having been kidnapped an in the woods with her 2 kidnappers. She is begging them for her release and her unborn child's life. The 2 men however don't believe that she is pregnant. They wanted to know who the baby daddy was -she thought back over the past months when she told her loving husband that they were going to have the baby. He worked on a scaffold washing windows, and this one time ; he was not hooked to his harness for safety. When the scaffold fell , he fell to his death. Now 3 months pregnant, she is alone and going to be a single parent. She finds herself being raped by these men, not knowing what they are going to do to her next. They hear a distance noise of people talking so they tie her up , they run, she gets loose and starts yelling for help. One man comes to her rescue by the name of Troy. He finds her and yells for his for friend to call for the police and ambulance . In the meantime, the bad guys come back looking for something that they left behind. They knock Troy over the head , and choke Ash almost to death. So much so that when Troy finally comes to he thinks that her an her unborn baby are dead. But, they aren't . They aren't ; the police in the end upend killing the 2 guys. Now lets flash forward to after Ash has had her little bundle of joy. She has named her Kimberly -after Troy's mother .However, we find that she is now hooked on drugs and booze big time. Ash thinks that her daughter is a brat, and her mother ; well all she does is try to hook her up with another guy.
One day Troy reenters her life again, and everything changes for her. Thinking that he really has feelings for her and wants to date her. She goes out with him. Over the course of time Troy starts to have feeling for her.
This is where the story really gets crazy. Now if you thought it was crazy before. It is now. It has so many twist and turns in it. You will not want to put it down.I leave you with these questions... Does Ashley get her life together?? Can Troy save her?? What happens to her beautiful little baby , KImberly?? All these and more are answered . I recommend this book to everyone over the age of 16 due to graphic details and scenes in it. I give this book a solid 30 out of 5 star rating. IT IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON .SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? JUMP TO IT AND GET YOUR'S TODAY RIGHT NOW !!!!!

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