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Sunday, September 28, 2014


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Chapter One
I wasn’t sure if I should be excited or wary. It’s hard to not feel suspicious when your two best friends are sitting beside you with sly grins on their faces.
“What?” I huffed out, rolling my eyes at them both.
“Nothing!” they both replied in unison.
Two stupid faces staring me down, not letting me in on the secret. Well, I guess I should be worried. It was my birthday tomorrow, and they would make it extremely fun, or we’d all end up in the back seat of a cop car. Knowing them, it could go either way.
Nikkee sat to my right. She was slightly taller than me, with strawberry blond hair that hung all the way down to the middle of her back. She had a small button nose and a few freckles that splashed their way across it. They were cute. I wish I had cute freckles. Her eyes were what always got to me. They were greenish blue. When she looked at me, I always felt as though she could see right through me, to my soul along with any excuse I tried to give her to get out of things. She had a nice build and always wore the nice girl clothes, but I could see right through that.
To my left was Sky. She had dark hair with chunks of bright pink here and there. She was our punk rock girl. She always had dark eyeliner on to shadow her dark brown eyes. It looked rather eerie, but I also thought it made her look dark and mysterious. Her face always had a soft look to it. A baby face, but once that make up came on, well, she just completely changed. I think Nikkee and I are the only ones in the whole school who have seen her without any on.
These two girls are my lifeline. I depended on them more than they probably knew. I was not as lucky as some of the other children. I was dumped at the front of the local hospital when I was only a few days old. After playing hopscotch with a few different foster families, I finally found one that I could stay in long term. It was no holiday, but it sure beat some of the other homes I had dwelled in.
“Seriously Trinity, don’t look so worried. You will have the best birthday ever. We promise,” Sky reassured me.
I tried to not look so worried, but as both girls looked at each other with that sly look, I knew I was in trouble before my birthday even began.
The girls had distracted me through the rest of our lunch break, until the bell sounded to let us know the last period of the day had started. We only had three more weeks left of school. We had already sat our finals and with our fingers crossed, we prayed we could all go to the same university. I had no money saved but I was planning on working in between classes. I didn’t mind doing that as long as I got to be with them and not left behind.
I threw my rubbish in the bin near the main door to West End High School. This school was good. A few bad apples here and there, but I was left alone and that was how I liked it. Dragging my feet along the ground with as little enthusiasm as I could muster, I finally made it to art. I was not good at this class. No way. There was one reason that I had taken it and that was to do nothing for the hour before time to go home, like ninety percent of the other kids.
My pencil moved over the page not leaving much of a mark. Mrs. Tray was moving in between the students to see how all our work was going, while my eyes went from my paper to Mark. He had short brown hair, that stuck up slightly as if he used gel or something. I giggled to myself. How guys could use hair gel when I did not, it always made me laugh. Was there something wrong with me or with them? Whatever the case may be, he looked cute. His brown eyes matched his hair colour and were shadowed by dark eyebrows. His nose was well proportioned. His whole face was, not chubby and not skinny, but muscular to match the rest of his body. He played football so naturally because he was fit.
I looked down at my paper to see that I had sketched his lips. Defined and kissable. If I did not watch myself, I may just drool a little. I looked up again to be met with his stare. Busted!
A slight raise from the corner of his lip’s let me know that he knew I was perving. Me being me, I just smirked back and copped it on the chin.
This is not a usual high school cliché where a sad and lonely girl is in love with the hottest guy in school and is never noticed. Complete opposite. Mark and I have been good friends, since grade four actually. I was not in love with him, but had a weakness for his good looks and personality. We could be great together, but I think our fun would be ruined. He loved to flirt and I did not mind him flirting with me. He was not my bestie, but as guy friends go, he came close. It was like, “If the world ended and he was the only guy,” well I would not be too sad with the options.
I put my head back down as Mrs. Tray approached.
“Very good interpretation of Mr. Van-Dows lips Trinity,” she said as she picked up my piece of paper.
The class erupted in laughter and giggles. I glanced over to Mark who was laughing the loudest.
“What can I say, the girl loves me!” he bragged.
“You’re dreaming Mark,” I retorted.
“Yeah Mark, in your dreams mate,” his friend next to him sung out in my defence.
I half blushed as all eyes pointed to me. I did not mind attention, but sometimes I got slightly uncomfortable about the reason “why” they were laughing.
Mrs. Tray put my paper back down on my desk and moved on as everyone turned back to what they were doing. I looked up at Mark again with the cheekiest look I could conjure, only to find his face mirroring mine, causing us to stifle our laughter.
The hour ticked by quickly and then the bell rang for the end of school. Friday is the best day of the week and the fact that Monday was a public holiday made it even better. I got up from my chair only to feel a heavy arm weighing down on my shoulders as Mark joined me.
“So gorgeous, what are the plans for tomorrow?” he asked.
“God, I have no bloody Idea.”
“So you are letting the girls hold the reins to your 18th?”
I looked at his face and knew it would be all screwed up, as if he was scared. I laughed.
“What choice do I have? You know what they are like,” I told him.
“I do, so I know I won’t be invited,” he said pulling a pouty face.
I moved out from under his arm and then punched it. “You know you will be invited, Sky has a major crush on you.” I grinned and let the news sink in.
“Goth girl? Really?” he asked a little shocked.
“Yeah, poor girl,” I said and moved out of arms reach.
He stopped in his tracks and tilted his head slightly as if he was trying to read something high up on the wall. His face showed he was deep in thought and then like any male he snapped out of it as quick as it came.
“That could be interesting,” he finally said.
I could not help but smile inside. They really would make a cute match. Now that is the high school cliché. Hot football guy falls in love with the only Goth girl in school. Sky was not on the unpopular radar. She was smart, funny, and even though she dressed all emo, people still talked to her, asked for help and hit on her. I on the other hand, am the one that cracks a funny and annoys all the teachers because I have fun in class instead of feeling tortured. Compared to going home, I loved school.
I made the walk home drag out. Mark and the girls were discussing plans for tonight. I wasn’t really listening. I was busy daydreaming about finally leaving this town. I couldn’t wait. I left the gang at Nikkee’s house and continued to what some call a home but I called a prison. I finally walked through my front door with heavy feet as I always did. I poked my head around the doorway from the kitchen to see my foster mother passed out on the couch again. A deep sigh came out of my lips as I turned to open the fridge. In this house you only needed to take a few steps and you were at your destination. Everything looked really old. It wasn't filthy but it had an un-clean look about it. Everything was second hand, even third, or fourth hand.
As I knew it would be, the fridge was just about empty. A few beer bottles sat on the top shelf, butter and jam on the second and a few bits of god knows what on the bottom.
My phone started to vibrate in my pocket. It was always on silent because my foster mum from hell did not know that I owned it. Courtesy of my two best friends who had bought it for me for my 17th birthday so they could keep in constant contact with me and I with them. If my foster monster knew, I had the phone it would be hocked for her to get more booze and smokes. I wanted to love her. I wanted her to be a mother to me. I guess some people were just not meant to be a parent. I pushed my thoughts aside and looked at my phone. There was a message from Nikkee to meet at her house around 8:30. I mentally sighed. I knew this night was going to be a blast but deep in my core, I could feel that something was not right. An uneasy feeling crept over me the more I thought about it.
Something was coming.
Something that scared me, but I didn’t know what that was.

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