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Sunday, September 28, 2014


The DescentThe Descent by Racquel Kechagias
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I rec'd the a copy of the book from the the author , Racquel Keckagias in exchange for an honest opinion. This is my opinion of her book.
This book is a collection of beautiful poems. Now I am not one for poems, matter of fact I have never like them. I have always stayed away from them. The reason I am telling you this you this is I want you to understand that this review is my honest review of The Descent.
I found the poems in the books very moving, compelling and emotional. Ms Kechagias took a lot time to write these poem. You can tell that her heart and soul are in them.They are so beautiful and amazing. She is so very talented not only can she write books about paranormal romance but awesome poems also!! You have to read this book.
For these reason - I give this book a rating of 20 stars out 5 stars. And I recommend it to all.
I asked the following question to Racquel Kechagias

One of your books you have written poetry which is very good, do you plan on writing any more in the future?

I may do another collection of poetry in the future. For the moment I’ve got a few projects going on so I doubt that it would be anytime soon but I do enjoy reading and writing poetry, especially when it has that ability to speak to so many people, on so many different levels. I can only hope that I’ve achieved that.

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