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Sunday, September 28, 2014


Miss Underworld (The Diety's Secrets, #1)Miss Underworld by Racquel Kechagias
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I rec'd a copy of this book from the author Racquel Kechagais in exchange for an honest opinion. This is my honest opinion of Miss Underworld.
The characters are so detailed and well thought out. You can picture them as they speak in the book. The scenes in the story I found also are very detailed. When she speaks of the underworld you can actually picture in it in your mind.
Now I am going to tell you a little about this book. Not all as I want you to read it for yourself.
There is a young lady by the name of Melinoe who can see ghost, ( can you imagine what that would be like?) She can even talk to them. Any rate, she found that shew was adopted. When she did, she was very upset about as it was kept from her so long, her parents names are Persephone and Hades and did you know that Hades is the brother to Zeus and to Poseidon?? Well he is. Zeus and Hades have been having a long standing feud for several centuries. See, Zeus changed into Hades one night and got Persephone pregnant. And that started the fight between as Hades can not produce a child so he knew it was not his but his brothers.
Anyway, death call her to go see her father -which she , when she arrived she was treated like a princess. Her father taught her to send people to the underworld by just a touch.
Now this story has a lot twist and turns in it. It also involves another young man that she tries to save from the underworld.
Does she?? And do the brothers make up?? This story is very exciting and compelling. And a must for all paranormal romance lovers!!
As this book is very detailed in the characters, scenes, and is compelling, amazing, a must read ; and has so many twist and turns in it. I give a rating of 20 stars out of 5 stars. I recommend this book to all,
The following are some questions that I asked the author Racquel Kechagias. I hope that you find then very interesting.

What made you start writing about paranormal romance?
I’ve always loved reading paranormal/fantasy stories and about 95% of my bookshelf is paranormal or fantasy (usually YA). I think it’s just that love for it that drove me to start writing about it and continues to do so.

Is paranormal the only type of books that you plan on writing?
Actually it’s not. I do want to someday write a thriller novel and I have a few ideas that could lead towards a MS being crafted. Whether or not it’ll be something I publish will have to wait until it’s actually written lol

Thank you Ms Kechagias for answering my questions. And I must tell your book is totally amazing and very well written. I truly hope that you write a follow to it.

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