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Friday, September 26, 2014


Sorrow HillSorrow Hill by Ken Donaldson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First let me say this about the book. This book is a total different read all together. It takes place back when the women are not allowed any rights at all, And I do mean that - If we are taken advantage of then our families thing we have disgraced them. That we have been soiled. Some of that still happens today. The writing is amazing ,characters and the scenes are so real that you feel like you are right there. Because of this I give the book a rating of 10 stars out of 5 stars. And recommend it to all.
Thus here is how the story goes, bring up a chair an a cup of tea as you will need it. Enjoy the story my friends,

Our story starts out with a young lady who is coming up on her 16th birthday. She lives on an estate and her family makes wine. Her mother an father plan a birthday party for her. During this party after a few dances she goes outside to get some air an to cool off. It is during this time that she so foolishly steps into to the shadows and is raped. The maid finds her in the early morning hours in the garden and rushes her to her room. During a trip to town her father hears a young man boasting about how she gave her self freely to him and others that night. He was so disgraced that he rushed home. Her parents then stripped her of all her rights, clothes, and sent her to the kitchen to work for the rest of her life. They never wanted to see her again. Her father died an shortly thereafter her mother griefs herself to death. So, she then takes over the estate. It is then she finds the note from her father - stating that he was wrong and regretted his words- he should of told her. But was too proud of it. Here is a notebook of all the men that was involved that night. He has already gotten even with a few. It leaved some left.
Now I am not going to finish this story. As i want you to read it. But I leave this with you.. Does she get even?? How does she get even?? Does she marry??

Now here are some Questions and Answers that I asked the Author Ken Donaldson....

1) How Did you come up with the Characters for Sorrow Hill??
Perhaps I should say the Characters in Sorrow Hill relieved them self to me during the writing of the story as the story’s events opened up to shape the type of Character traits each one has to take part in during the story’s happenings from start to finish. Allow me to expand on this point in question two.

2) Who did you base your Characters off of??
As a methodology visionary Author, I seen my Characters though the eye of my own imagination. Whilst they have not been based upon any one person; but more-so upon people of a time in an era where Sorrow Hill takes place highlighting a way of life which saw women treated far less than a man. Mixed together with the Secret style of not only high society life; but lived in the mindset of families whom also modelled their existence upon the way of high society standards. Thus, each one I presented in a more personal way as to how I visioned that Character would have lived in real life.

3) When did you know that you wanted to start writing??
Writing for me has always been a passion, which for many years had been and still is one of my favourite passions in life to enjoy since a young man of 22 years of age to even this day.

4) You write all types of books, do you have a certain type that you prefer over another??
Yes, I like to write stories that move people of any age in many ways. As in the case of Sorrow Hill a story written to take one though a journey of many emotions, which you as the reader will quickly find during the first few chapters. Just how easily you can grow to love and hate some of the Characters in a very special way in which is your own personal reading pleasure.

5) Is there anything that you would like to tell your readers about yourself??
Getting to know me as your Author and a person who started life in the same way as many of us all have. From birth where I was raised in the small community based township of West Wallsend Australia.
Whilst having had to face a tragic moment in my life which left me with injuries, that soon shaped my future from one career to several others before turning my hobby in writing which started back in 1986 into a profession in the year 2012 with the publication of my first Book series written for readers of any age. Since 1986, I have written thirty plus stories and have published to date 10 as shown on my website here
On a personal note to you, my highly valued Reader whom I dedicate my time and efforts in to writing the very best story I can. I give you to my heartfelt thanks for supporting my work along with a welcomed thought that you truly are enjoying my story most pleasurably.
Your, Author
Ken Donaldson

Ken Donaldson

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