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Monday, June 2, 2014

Have You Ever Found Yourself Touched By the You Love Long Ago???

Touched By Vicki Green-----This story "Touched both my heart an soul ", as I read each word. I could not get enough of the characters, story, the plot, love, hurt; any of it! Vicki as done an outstanding job in writing this book!!
   Let me say this, I rec'd this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest opinion. This is my opinion I am writing. Mousiey only writes whats she feels is in her heart and what she feels about the books. I do not give rating to books just because. Now thats out of the way, Let me tell you about the love story and about this book!!!
   Touched!!! When we first meet Jade she is called Angel, working as a stripper during the week, a DJ on the weekends . Lives by rules , NO SEX.. Can you believe that ; no sex.? One day a man walks by a window of a gym a his heart realizes he has found his true love. So he has to find out more about her, he be begins to stalks to her. He go the club where she work, into her private room. There she explains her rules.
   I am gonna jump some now -- can't tell you everything... Time lapse---- They begin to date - get to know each other- Now , now He has touched her, she has touched him.....
    But will they find true love??? That you will have to find out for yourself.
  Ms Vicki, Your words have truly touched me, I love the way that you have written this story. I give it  ***** then more , but since we are only allowed to rate it a 5 . However if I could rate it more I would give you a 30 ....
   I can hardly wait the next in the series.......Now people GO GET THIS BOOK "TOUCHED " SO YOU CAN ALSO BE TOUCHED!!!!

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