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Monday, June 2, 2014

Phantasy by Marlowe, Sr

I received a ARC e-book smashword 's from the in exchange for an honest review. This is my honest review of " Phantasy" . First let me say this, I read this book several months ago , but I never did write this review like I thought I did. So for that I am truly sorry.
Now, let me say this - as this author states- You have to step out of your christian or anti-christian shoes to read this book. You have to read this book with a truly open mind. If you don't then you will not understand at all what he is trying to get a cross.
This story is about a a young man, an older man , and shrink. Or so you are led to believed. You will read about the interviews between the young man and and his shrink as he is trying to get him to realize that he murder his father but also that the old man that he is talking to in the hospital is actually himself.
We all talk to our selves one way or another, an some of us even have brake downs. This book has alot of depth in it , soul and so much more. I give it a 5 rating and personal recommend it for all to read.

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