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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Confessions of a Terrorist - Who is the Terrorist???

Confessions of a Terrorist: A NovelConfessions of a Terrorist: A Novel by Richard Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received ARC from the author Richard Jackson, in exchange for my honest opinion This is my honest opinion. First I have to say "Thank you very much to the author , Richard Jackson for allowing me to read an ARC of his first novel.
This novel is so moving an has so much to say an really makes you think. It opens in a dark, dirty , cold cell- with just 2 men. Both are soldiers of war- one a British soldier the other is what everyone refers to as a terrorists. There names are Micheal and Professor, but as you are reading the book, you find yourself just reading (M) and (P). This book is so much like reading a military manuscript. It has black out areas where the military does not want you to see what was there.
M starts out asking P what made he become a terrorist? P asks him why did he join the military?? This conversation goes on long into the night. Finally, P tells him about a little boy that was shot in the square one day him Micheal best friend was shot. M said you where there? Yes. After you left, I ran to the boy with my men: we tried to help but he died. Did you know his name was Shimir?? That's the name I go by , because no one remembers him. But I do, I remember all the children that have been killed, the mothers, daughters.
P goes onto explain about the make shift bombs. I could write more about this book. But , let me tell you one thing that was written here in this book. With every terrorist that is out there, behind the scenes; we ( our country, Ireland, England, or what ever country that needs to bring home people) are making deals behind the scenes after the first attack has happen. I recommend this book, along with the author's reading list of books. Which I plan on reading.
I love my country, but we need to know more especially how they are getting their information about soldiers and their family's.

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