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Sunday, January 5, 2014


Hello everyone!!!! I would like to tell you all about an Author that is out of this WORLD!!!!! O.L.. Ramos has such a way with words that he can take right into the story itself. You believe that you are a part of it. But enough lets talk about book one in the series!!!
In Keeper Awaking; That's where the awesome series starts with all the twists and turns up and downs !! And man such an adventure that we are taken on!! We are introduced to do  Liz ( Elizabeth)  who saw her mother murder but no one believes her, she is an over achiever,college student;plus  she works as a waitress at a steak house. We also meet a handsome hunk by the of Micheal ( who Liz first thinks is totally awesome).And who wouldn't ; and man does he have an appetite of 3 football players.   This book is about good vs evil. Liz ends finding out that she is a keeper , Micheal is a werewolf and oh yea that remind me . Vincent , he is a vamp and well . I am not gonna tell ya any more about
Book 1. However, on the 8th, I will posting about book 2 and then on the  13th I will post about the Keeper Rebirth , which was just released on December 21st!!!. On January 17th I will give you all some information about our favorite author O.L. ( oh and I might be able to get his assistant Kelli to pop in here and give us an interview as O.L in is the writing cave) Please come back and check this my blog you never know what you might find out about the Keeper.

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