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Friday, November 8, 2013

Hi everyone!! Mousiey here and boy do I have a surprise for ya'll today!! I have a very special person joining us. Please help me Welcome Liam. Good Evening Liam and Welcome to Mousiey Books.... Thank you for having me..... Mousiey.... Liam i have a few question if you wouldn't mind answering them? Liam....No not at all. Mousiey...Thank you , First question...Just how did you end up in the colony to begin with?? Liam....I was dragged through rather unceremoniously but a bunch of idiots who can't tell a beaten and half dead man from a fit and fleeing escapee. The least the bastards could have done was get me some medical help sooner. Mousiey..What caused Riley to go into a coma?? Liam???I wish I knew. Still not quite sure. You don't suppose he did it on purpose to get away from my bad jokes, do you? Mousiey...Why did you choose not to permanent tattoo Riley?? Liam....It was just dumb luck at first; the guards didn't realize he had no mark. And I meant to tattoo him. It's just...every time I decided to, I didn't have the heart. And by the time I really thought about doing it,I couldn't think of whose tattoo I should give him. I suppose I could have given him my brand, but I don't think I had that right. Mousiey..You have feeling for your trainer why not act on them?? Liam....Last time I checked, it does take two to tango. I've never been one for caveman tactics myself. Probably for the best though, it's a strange situation and made stranger still by her husband who tends to lop off heads. And that's what he does to the people he likes. Mousiey... Why did it take you so long to decide whether to become one of the elite after you made it?? Liam....Enforcers have no possessions. They have to be 100% committed, meaning that I'd become part of the Colony, anyone in my household also becomes part of the Colony--property of the Colony. Rile doesn't belong to anyone... Mousiey....Are you happy with the decision you made in the end?? Liam....So long's I've got Riley, then I've won. Thank you Liam for taking the time out of your busy day to come and answer these questions. We wish only the best for you and Riley. Keep you head down now that you are an Elite. Thanks for having me here Mousiey it was a pleasure .

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