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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Hello Everyone!! Earlier today I had the pleasure of interviewing the author of "In Laim's Wake" Ashlyn Forge. We had an very nice chat together. And I must say I have read her book "In Laim's Wake -. 1) Have you always wanted to be a writer? At what age did you know that you wanted to be a writer? I haven't always wanted to be a writer, but I liked writing. I tried it a few times during school but teachers always patted me on the head and said 'stop'. :-) I was never really a good listener. 2) Who did you base your characters off of ex Liam? Liam's character flaw, the way he focuses on ONE thing and does all in his power to attain that one thing, is a flaw I've encountered before. As for the rest of him, the black hair and blue eyes, I chose those because I was tired of seeing so many blond blue eyed heroes in fiction. Liam's personality itself isn't based on anyone in particular. I also thought, what would happen if the sidekick had to turn into a hero or die trying. And Liam came to be. He's definitely the one to at least get shot first in a movie. Hell, with his personality, get shot first, AND second, then maybe third for good measure. 3) What inspired you to write the book In Liam’s Wake? As I've said, my writing helps me work through things, and focus on things. I set the characters in motion with a problem (or a similar one) that I see outside my door and see what happens. I'm sure this information is a buzzkill but it's the truth :-) My book Erosions, is a story about a young lord who is able to see signs that something is wrong with the Colony's structure, more specifically, the computer which sustains their life, but he has to decide to either ignore it, or sound the alarm and send everyone into panic, if he's not labeled as crazy first. I live in Japan and north of us there is a melt down that will eventually resonate back to all of us. That's my Erosion and because I couldn't figure it out, my character has to. 4) Do you plan on writing just sci-fi or do you think you might try your hand at another type of genre? I'd like to stick with this genre for now. I do love technology. 5) I see that you are a self publisher, is it hard for you to get your books out into the public for everyone to read? Getting the book 'out' is the easy part. Coaxing readers to give you a try is the hard part. Everyone associates self-publishing with a dirty thing. They think that it's low and poorly done. I've tried my best to polish this book till it shines and I'm proud of what I've accomplished, but that self-publish label is still on it, so inside the covers doesn't matter it seems. But I'm going to keep going and give it my best shot. 6) Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers?? Thanks for giving it a shot. :-) Thank you Ashlyn for allowing us into your mind and world. I have to say that Laim and Riley are a good pair and we look forward to more of them in the future. Now as for my Review of IN Laim Wake I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest opinion and this is mine. Actually I first Beta read the book before it was even fine tuned, to what you have today. And I must say that Ashley has done an excellent job with all the characters of the book and the plot. Laim and Riley have stayed the same . They are still trying to escaped the colony , Riley falls into a coma, they ( well only one is gay at first but you shall see) . This story is very interesting. Laim will do anything to save his friend and to get them above ground. If I was to tell more of this story you would not want to read it. All I can say Is that it is awesome, amazing , and truly Greatness on Ashlyn part. I rates this book a 20 out of a 5 star rating. You have to read this book. GO NOW A PICK UP YOUR COPY OF "IN LAIM'S WAKE " IF YOU DON'T YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!

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