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Friday, January 10, 2014

Hey Ya'll has Mousiey got one for you !!!! This one knock your socks off!!!!! My Savior Forever is totally awesome but first let me give you the synopsis of from our terrific author Vicki Green !!! ‘Love …captures us in a moment and changes us forever’ When love isn't enough to break through the walls that were built so long ago, how is true happiness ever found? Paxton Davenport built these walls when every guy she met only wanted her gorgeous body. Her modeling career really takes off after returning to L.A. from her best friend’s wedding. But her thoughts continually plague her of the hot rocker, Tucker Williams, who pursued her both times she visited her friend. Her rich parents have never provided the attention or love she needed growing up. She is considered your typical 21 year old rich bitch, snooty to most but deep inside she is the most loving and caring person you could ever know. Tucker, or Tuck as everyone knows him, grew up in a house where a normal day was seeing his parents drugged out, no food to be found and finding solace in his guitar. His mom ending up in prison and his dad dying from an overdose leads him to falling in with the wrong crowd. With the help of friends, at the age of 22, he finds himself as a tattoo artist by day, the leader of a Rock band (Razers Edge) by night. He falls head over heels for Paxton one night when the band is playing at Barton’s bar but she won’t give him the time of day. Will Tuck ever get through Paxton’s walls or annoy the hell out of her trying? *Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. Goodreads: Vicki Green!! I have had the pleasure of reading the book. I received an ARC of it. And I must say it was truly amazing!!!See this book is about Paxon and Tuck, and them finding there way to each other. But Paxon is not so trusting towards anyone. Her rich parents don't want anything to do with her. So will she end up trusting Tuck and finding true love ??? In order to find out you must read this book. Please for you sake GO GET A COPY NOW!!!! You won't regret it at all. oh yeah and before I forget here is the link to to the hot muse on the cover!!!

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