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Friday, July 26, 2013

 “Well what do we have here?” A seductive voice of a woman said from Teaser 3

Kasey sat at the bar on a slick, black stool, her head down cast as she counted the seconds she was alone trying to manage her fears. She could feel countless staring eyes upon her and wanted nothing more than to run for the door, but she couldn’t, her legs would not heed her commands and if she ran she was likely dead.
“Want a drink beautiful?” Morris asked standing before her with a cocky grin.
Kasey looked up at the blond vampire, his eyes gleamed with a hidden beastly yearning. “No, I am fine, thank you.”
“How about you let me have a drink then?” He looked down at her wrist and the scars that riddled it already.
Kasey pulled her hands back and averted her eyes. “Please, leave me alone.” She whimpered holding back tears.
“Mortals like you are so pathetic. You were a lot more fun when you were with Raj.” He turned away with a look of disgust and for a moment Kasey felt almost safe.
behind her.
“Looks to be a lost pup in need of some friendly company to me,” a man said coming up to Kasey right side. “Are you lost love?”
Kasey felt a gently hand cascade down her arm. “No, I am just waiting for someone.” She muttered back nervously, glancing at the ringed hand that touched her and up to the sharp featured man it was attached too—no not man, vampire. His dark eyes bore down at her like a wolf would a weak lamb. His jet, black hair was cropped short and fit the handsome angles of his face giving him an almost celestial look.
Another hand moved a lock of her vibrant red hair behind her ear. “Kaleb and I will wait with you then,” the white haired woman purred, “so you don’t get lonely. Pretty girls like you should never be lonely.” Her fingers trailed down Kasey’s slender neck and drew a shutter as the strap to her dress fell from her shoulder. “Hmm, you liked that didn’t you?”
Kasey opened her mouth to protest but the words caught in her throat half in fear and half in surprised excitement as Kaleb’s hand glided across her thigh and disappeared beneath the fold of her dress. She gasped as the tips of his fingers began to tease her.
“Kaleb’s fingers are a gift from the very gods.” The woman whispered her lips nimbly grazing her neck.
Kasey’s felt her defenses crumbling away as the touch of the woman’s mouth upon her skin heightened her mounting arousal. She leaned her head back and the woman’s tongue traced her lips until her own tongue eagerly joined it in a lascivious dance that she had no control of. She felt a hand shift down the top of her dress and cup a breast. She didn’t know whose hand it was, but she no longer even care, she was lost in a growing ecstasy. She felt two fingers slipped passed her panties meager defences and plunge into her, she would have cried out but her mouth was occupied by the ravishing of the white haired woman.
“You should come with us,” Kaleb whispered, “we can have so much more fun.”
“Having a vampire inside you is better than anything you could ever imagine.” The woman cooed nibbling Kasey’s bottom lip.

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