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Friday, July 26, 2013

Teaser 2

"I cant believe we are actually going through with this". Grace giggled as she took another sip of the pricey Champagne and nervously moved a curly lock at her golden hair behind her ear.
 "I know right? We ve talked about it for so long , its weird to think tonight's the night were going to finally do it"- Conner replied his eyes happily glazed over as he looked at his beautiful wife. "You re not having doubts are you, because of you are we can call the whole thing off? Its not to late-"
  Grace downed the last of her drink from the cheap plastic cup and went to him, her hazel eyes burning with forbidden excitement as she pilled him in for a deep kiss. "There is no way I want to call this off." Her hand cupped his cock from outside his jeans and she smirked. "And I can see you don't want it called off either."
 Conner could feel his cheek crimson a little. "Can you believe that weve been married for five years already?"He ran his fingers through her silky hair and lightly caress down the small of her back.
 She arched her back slightly at the feel of his touch causing her cleavage to prompt themselves to his glaze from under her lacy lingerie. "If she doesn't get here soon I will be forced to start without her" Graced purred.
 "You're sure we have the right room?"
"This is the hotel and room she told us to meet her in." She replied  looking over at the key on the desk. "And the room key we got opened."
 A light knock at the door drew both the eager attentions to it.
 "Oh my god" Grace whispered nervously , "that's got to be her"
Conner nearly laughed at his wife's childish excitement . "Come in." He called out trying to keep his tone in check.
The door opened slowly, the flickering light from the street lamp basked the poorly lit room as a petite, blue hair .vixen stepped in, her vivid green eyes alive with desirable intent as she took in sight of the couple before her ."You two look yummy." She bit her bottom lip playfully as she slip out of her long white coat revealing the pink and white plaid school girl uniform beneath. She pressed her large breasts together and ran her hands down the smooth curves of her tight

Ok guy and gals.... That is the end of Teaser 2.... Boy is it getting good Huh??? This  book iis a true hottie!!!
 But we still have more to come .....

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