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Friday, July 26, 2013

Teaser 1 Continues

door and its tarnished Victorian style handle and hinges. He threaded a silencer onto the well oiled barrel of his gun and pointed it at the door his heart pounding faster as anticipation grew .
 The footsteps stop and a dark shadow loomed between the small space between the door and the seventies faded carpet. Suddenly the door burst in, splintering off the wooden frame like .it was paper and crashing to the floor.
 "You're a dead man Conner!" A deep voice bellowed and a bulky, dark skinned man with long braided black hair stepped into the room.His eyes seethed with an unnatural glow and the muscles in face twitched in rage as two long fangs protruded from his upper jaw.

The man stopped and looked down at the tow girls passed out on the bed. "Useless bitches where is he!". He hissed.
 "Right here ugly". Conner pulled the trigger and the bullet slammed into the big mans chest just missing his heart by a fingers width.
  The large vampire stumbled back growling like a feral beast the wound hissed and blistered as the Vervain burned him from within. The dark skinned man glared at him with pained hatred "You're going to pay for that human

Interesting isn't :? To read more about teaser one you will need to read the book.. however I do have another teaser for you.......

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