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Friday, July 26, 2013

Teaser 1 continues...

that much. He couldn't have them waking up before tonight exploit was done., he wanted no harm to come to them if it could be avoided. This wasn't their fault, they were only pones in a sick and dark game.
He knew what they were and who they worked for just as they had had known exactly who he had been He was the reason they had been in that filthy dive bar to begin with. Girls of their caliber didn't go to places like that without instruction. It was why they had come so easily to him flashing him their seductive smiles with batting eyelashes and playful touches that promised of sinful delights. They had thought they had baited but it was really he who had beguiled them into this room.
  He pulled the Colt 45 from the holster at his side and popped the chamber open pulling out one of his hand crafted bullets. He ran a rough finger over the smooth surface of the soft hawthorn wood tip. He uses hawthorn because it was pliable and upon impact it broke apart allowing the potent herb, Vervain to be released into the blood stream. A shot to the heart was fatal, anywhere else just wounded and slowed the vile creatures he hunted. A shot to the head would bring them down and incapacitate them for an hour or more but unless the heart was destroyed or body burned to ashes there was no stopping them. But there was one element that gave Conner an edge, the sun was fatal to these creatures of the night. It was something he exploited as often as he could, but when he needed them to come to him he had to play during their hours.
  He slid the bullet back into the chamber and flicked it closed reaching for his cigarette again the gun resting ready on his lap. How long would he have to wait he wondered as he took a long slow drag, not much longer he was sure. They were never patient despite their immortal existence, and neither was he.
  His eyes lingered back to the stunning display of exposed flesh upon the old hotel bed. He had seen the scars , and the scarlet rims around their eyes, they were damphyrs , used for daylight tasks and to feed upon when other prey was in short supply. Bonded dutiful to whoever had compelled them. The thought made tonight....he would save them from the nightmare.
 The sound of footsteps outside in the hallway was dulled only slightly by the paper thin walls of the hotel and drew his attention from the girls back to the........

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