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Sunday, November 2, 2014


Premonitions: Dream Catcher Series ~ Book OnePremonitions: Dream Catcher Series ~ Book One by Brynette L. Turner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mousiey has just finished reading a fantastic book written by Brynette Turner . The name of the book is called " Premonition: Dream Catcher Series Book 1. Ms Turner has you from the moment you open the very book and start reading it. The way she has the characters down and is able to describe how a police officer is able to work undercover and how someone is able to foresee some thing in the future. Is truly amazing. The scenes are described is such fine detail along with her characters. She gives the characters depth an a soul. Now please pull grab a cup of coffee and a nibble have a seat , and let me tell you about this very intriguing story.
In the beginning we find our young lady being set up on a blind date by her bestie Karen and her fiance Victor. Stephanie is introduced to Chaz but before they can really get into a good date he has to leave. He doesn't ask for her number, but she knows that they will meet again soon. Her best friends baby's arrives little Victor is born and she is his godmother. Now there is no reason why the two of them can't get married - so Karen and Victor get married with all there friends around them. Now it seems that Chaz is not what he seems to be. He is running an illegal gamble ring under a pool hall but in fact he is actually an undercover cop. His supervisor wants him to stop seeing Steph but its not an order. He says that he can not keep his focus on the job and on her. He wants to keep seeing her and no one will connect the two of them together .Chaz finally has to tell Steph what he does for a living and what he currently working on. She swears she won't tell a soul. They decide that since he cant stay in town to see her that she visit him . But then he finally asks her to move in with him. She agrees. But not all of Chaz's friends are happy for him. It seems that his ex-partner wanted her niece to hook with him . Not only that bit she thinks that Steph is making him give everything up for her. Which she isn't. Now what things you are asking?? For that you will need to read the book. Sshhh thats a secrete. And if you want to know which I am sure you do . If Chaz and Steph get married, and settle down ?? Does the case finally get to court that he was working on?? There is so many twist and turns in this story that you HAVE to read this book!! Once you start wont want to stop reading it you are done!! It is available on Amazon !!!I give this book a 10 out of 5 stars and I recommend it all readers .. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR DO GET IT!!!!!!

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