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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Mousiey has a good one for you this morning !!! This is one called "DEAD MANS CARVE" by KYM ROBERTS... It is a different style of writing an a very interesting book. Once I started reading it I could not put it down. This is a who done it . You have a dead man , a moose of a dog , a vet, and a women not only found the body but is a carver, Have I got your interest yet?? First before I start telling you about the story -let me say this Ms Roberts has such a way with words and description. That she has brought her characters to life. You can picture this huge dog Bogart, doing all these things that are described. Can you imagine a dog tangling with a porcupine?? Well he did and lost the fight. But I am getting a head of myself.. As for the scenes - they are excellent. The way they are laid out are truly amazing. You can see everything. Right down to the fire and the carving of the wedding toppers. Now get a cup of joe and something to nibble to on .. Enjoy the story...
The beginning of the story you find yourself in the store where the groom is picking up cake toppers for his wedding cake. They have been hand carved- and no the bride does not know about them. He is there with the best man -who he confides is also in love with his fiancee. That evening they are going out to celebrate his upcoming wedding - little did the groom know that it would be his last night alive.. When Rilee got come that night after she went to bed she heard an awful cry outside. She went to her back door -what a sight she found !! A poor dog that had quills stuck in his nose from a run in with her pet porcupine. She brings the dog in and tackles him down removes the quills -feeds and waters him . Then she takes a shower to wash the dog smell off of her and goes to bed only to find him in her bed. Well, she orders him out - he looks at her likes " you talking to me??" and slowly gets of the bed. The next morning she finds her back door open, then they go for a walk in the woods by the train tracks . Thats when she finds Ryan dead on the tracks. She had just seen him last night with Steve. The wedding toppers that she had carved for him were no where in sight. She called an reported the dead body to the police. Now this is where a man by the name of Stone shows up - he is a military vet. But he doesn't tell anyone why he is in town. Stone is always around to help Rilee out and protect her. Ryan's fiancee Missy comes to Rilee and wants to know how long they have been seeing each other. She told her that they weren't - Rilee went and got the picture of Ryan and the topper for their cake and showed it to her. Missy asked her if she had them. She said no it was missing, but she would do her best to find it and return it to her.
The police ruled Ryan;s death an accident -but Rilee knew it was a murder. Now some one is trying to murder her. But who?? And will they succeed?? Why did Stone come to town?? Will the toppers be found??
This book is an amazing murder mystery and great read. It reads very fast. ALL PROCEEDS OF THIS BOOK WILL BE DONATED TO WOUNDED VETERANS, PLEASE CATCH THE WAVE AND HELP SUPPORT!!
I recommend this book to all!! And give it a rating of 40 out of 5 stars . Please go get this book now!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR HELP A VET!! IT IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON !!!

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