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Friday, August 15, 2014


I received an ARC of Saving Justice( Dog Haven Sanctuary) by Tasman Gibb in exchange for my honest opinion. This is my opinion of her book. As I read "Saving Justice" , I found it to be so very moving, heartwarming , touching, and at one point I wanted to punch out the people that not only where hurting the dogs;but also hurt Marlo. And take in and give comfort to Marlo and to shelter the animals myself. I found it that real, the characters , animals, scenes are so life like that you are able to picture everything as it happens. It is describe is such wonderful detail and with such clarity. Now that I have give you my thoughts on this book. Let me, Mousiey, invite you to get a cup of coffee or tea and some cookies. And continue reading about the book, you will not be disappointed. The story starts out with a broken spirited dog being brought into the sanctuary for rehab. See, this dog was one of the 32 that was rescued from a dog fighting ring. He is the only left out of the 32 alive, the others were all put to sleep by mistake. Now, everyone must keep his whereabouts a secrete and him safe. As there are people out there that trying to kill him. As the story moves all not only is Justice being rehabed but also his trainer Marlo. As she has had a hard time growing up, and has a lot mistrust for cops. That mistrust is for good reasons. Adam is trying to get her to trust him. Now I could sit here all morning an tell you this story. But what fun would it be fir you?? So here are my questions to you.... Does Marlo finally start working with adam?? Does she start trusting him??? Are they together able to save Justice?? Does Justice help Marlo and is Marlo able to rehab Justice??? For all these answers an lots more, you will need to read this most amazing book !!! I recommend it both to the ya and adults. There is very little sex in this book. I give this book a 5 plus rating. It is the most compelling book I have ever read. Ms Tasman, you have done both you and the animal world a great justice. Along with helping everyone understand about PTSD. Please keep up the excellent work and writing. I so look forward to reading more of your books soon. NOW READERS MOUSIEY SAYS GO GET THIS BOOK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ENJOY IT YOURSELF AS I HAVE!!!

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