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Thursday, August 14, 2014


I received an ARC of the wonderful and very yummy book from the author in exchange for an Read and review and my honest opinion of the book. Here is my review and my honest opinion of her book. Last Ashes is about vampires, werewolf's, faes, and humans and immortals. Which makes this book so very yummy and so full twist and turns you don't know what to expect next. Which is excellent, and exciting!! You are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the next pin to drop or in this case the page to turn. So sit back and let mousiey tell you a little about this wonderful and amazing book. It starts out just after the end of a battle where the current vampire king Victor has been killed or so we are told. The current overlord Christian has captured Victor love Anna an plans on marrying her for himself. But first she must promise loyalty to him an to him alone. If she does then she will be release from the dungeon.In the mean time the rebels are killing his warriors right beneath his nose. Now my questions to you are-- does Anna swear loyalty to Christian?? Do they get married or does she marry Victor?? Do they rebels take back the castle and kill Christian?? Does Anna have a child?? Or is Anna an immortal?? All these questions are answered and more in story. I recommend this book to ya and adults. I also recommend that everyone goes out now an purchase this book immediately. As you will want to read this story. It is so moving, hot, full of ACTION, the characters are so real and life like. That I felt like I got to know Victor, Anna, leo, and the rest of them personally. The scences are described so life like. That I give this story a 5 plus rating. Ms Kechagias you have done such a superior job on this book; I look forward to reading more of your work. You are very talented and gifted. Now READERS MOUSIEY SAYS GO GET LAST ASHES!!!!! Mousiey says " Without our Dear Authors we as Readers would not have anything to Read. Please keep writing so that we as readers have lots to read. We love you/ <3"

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