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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


OMG!!!! First let me say this I received an ARC of this book from the author an the publisher of this book in exchange for an honest opinion. This is my honest opinion of this book. IT IS SUCH AN OMG YUMMY READ THAT YOU NEED TO GET IT NOW!!
   I normally don't ask authors for copes of there books. However, I did this time. See, I read the excerpt on this book and was so hooked on it.I just had to read it for myself. And boy am I ever so glad that I did!! This book has it all- SEX-LUST-DESIRE-NAIL BITING DRAMA- VAMPIRES-SLAYERS- HUMANS- AND MORE!!
   The story starts out in modern day with a young women by the name of Larissa getting ready to open her Ladies under garment store- But the eve before opening she is trying on a piece of black lace sexy shear when her handsome and bold Landlord walks in her. He sees her in the piece and wants her immediately for himself. He asks he does she always try on what she sells?? But , he also tells her that her shop will do very good.
  He takes her a on short tour of the town and shows her where she should stay away from. Dark allies, under the bridge etc... She wants to know why- but he just states that it is not safe. What she does not realize and he does not tell her is that he is a vampire and these places are for vampires. Where they feed. And he wants to keep her safe. He has arrange for her to have two employees hired at no expense to her. One is by the Ramon , who is his building maintenance person, the other is by the name of Jordan. She is a college student- and just needs a few hours a week. (They all 3 are part of the guild) And before long Ramon and Garrick will make Larissa into their crimson swan.
 But, before Garrick is able to let Larissa come around on her own to the thought of being a crimson swan -in order to protect her from Lazaro. He and Ramon have to turn her into a swan. Lazaro is mad about that and plans on getting even. He wants the building that Larissa is using for her store.-( not only for the under ground tunnels that it has but because it has other things). He also plans on making and turning her into a crimson slave against the Guild wishes.
  Now - the story gets so good- that you don't realize that you have finished it before you have.
I am going to leave you here my friends....
   But  with these questions--- did Lazaro turn Larissa into slave??  Does Garrick or Ramon turn her in a Crimson lover?? What actually happens to the building?? To Jordan?? And to Lazaro??
 For these and the rest of the story you need to read the book . All I can say is it is AEWSOME, TERRICFLY WELL WRITTEN, AND THE AUTHOR IS A GENIUS!!!
  The characters , plot everything just jump at you!!I give this book a 5 plus star rating and  am so looking forward to a Part 2 if there is one.. Please , I sure hope so!!!!!

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