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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Quotes From Prophecy Of ElfHaven

Quotable lines from my book


·         “Well, that’s a sight you don’t see every day,” remarked King Dakshi.

“Truly,” agreed Sanuu, glancing sidelong at the king. “It’s raining trolls and ogres.”


·         “What about the dragon?” asked Tom, nervously eyeing the huge monster on the other side of the trolls.

“Don't worry, it’s my sister’s.”

A strange look came over Tom’s face as he crawled after Kiran.


·         Just down the hall Nanni was tucking Kiran in. Two stuffed animals lay close beside him, one on his right side, one on his left. “What’s the stuffed dragon for?” she asked.

“Protection, in case a troll comes out of the closet.”

Nanni glanced at the closet with a knowing look. “Ah, and what's the stuffed gremlin for, then?”

“Backup!” replied Kiran.

Nanni laughed all the way down the hall.


·         Everything happened in slow motion. As he neared the threshold Tom picked up speed and reached for his dog. Juanita was closing the distance. Carlos, though far behind, was gaining fast. Another shudder shook the building. Max ran through the portal and disappeared.


·         The prince looked once more at the boy tied to the tree, then back at the trolls. He drew his sword. “Summon your dragon!”


·         Chloe raced forward but the portal collapsed in a shower of green sparks before she could reach it. Speeding through the space where the portal had just been, she stopped at the edge of the clearing. Her platform slowly rotated around in a full circle. She let out a forlorn chirp. Suddenly the sound of footsteps thundered from off to her left. Chloe turned toward the sound. The crashing footfalls grew louder. Chloe backed up under cover of a large tree. A moment later a dark beast with huge muscles and natural rock-like armor came crashing into the clearing, then abruptly stopped, its beady eyes scanning the area. Chloe stood still. The creature raised its head and sniffed the musty humid air, looking right, then left. It took a step toward the robot. As it did, it brushed a small tree with its forearm. Twigs from the tree quickly wrapped around the beast’s muscular arm, then seemed to tighten. Idly the creature snapped its arm away, uprooting the tree then flung it off without even looking. Sniffing the air once more, it quickly turned and stomped away. Chloe’s platform rotated slightly, her LEDs pointing in the direction that the beast had gone. She made another weak chirp.


·         The ghost stared at Tom in apparent disbelief as he absently tapped his finger on the desk. The effort, of course, made no noise.

“What is this? Some sort of a joke? Do I look like the kind of spirit that could conjure up a book out of thin air?”

“Well...” began Tom, thinking he looked exactly like that kind of spirit.


·         The dwarf lad straightened himself up, puffed out his chest, and with an exaggerated swagger, sauntered right up to Tom. Grasping Tom’s hand in his, he vigorously shook it.

“Holla! I hear you’s represents Earth, dog. Well, I represents Daltar!” Goban pointed at Tom’s Converse sneakers. “Hey, those kicks are tight.”

Tom just blinked.  “Are you—speaking—Hip Hop?”

“Rumor has it that you’s an inventor. That's old school, dude, but hey, I got mad skills, too! I can tell we'll be homies. Maybe we could hang at my crib sometime, yo?”

“Ah, sure—whatever you say.” Tom, not exactly sure what he'd just agreed to, glanced sidelong at Avani for reassurance. 

She just shrugged.

·         Once the kids had left the library the specter raised his right hand. Moments later, from high up in a secret reserved section of the library, protected by strong magic and a sign that read “For Kings and Philosophers’ eyes only; must be accompanied by a ghost!”, a large, dusty tome floated out of its place on the shelf, then along the aisle and over the balcony. Lazily drifting down three stories to the ground floor, it finally floated over to the librarian’s desk and stopped. The book was titled The Prophecy of Elfhaven. It was handwritten by the ancient prophet Earstradamus. The librarian waved his hand across the book. A small cloud of dust drifted in all directions as it opened to a chapter entitled: “Thomas Holland.” The ghost raised his gaze once more, his hollow eyes staring off in the direction that the children had gone.


·         Tom glanced at his watch, then back up at the trolls. “Look, I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but—this is going to leave a mark.”

Bellchar raised an eyebrow and glancing sidelong at Fowlbreth, said, “Huh?”

Tom, still holding his arm out straight like a traffic cop, smiled as he calmly looked over at his watch and counted down out loud, “3, 2, 1…” But nothing happened. He counted down once more, a little louder this time, “3, 2, 1…” Still nothing happened. The smile disappeared from Tom’s face just as one appeared on Bellchar’s.

The trolls raised their clubs once more.


·         The wizard’s eyes popped open. Nothing happened at first, then slowly a mist began to rise from the ground. It swirled and twisted, gently caressing the trees, the shrubs, the vines. As if blown by an unseen breeze, the grass itself began to move and sway. All across the battlefield, mist lightly curled around the trolls’ legs, gently winding up their bodies. Naagesh looked around uneasily. Trolls and ogres stood frozen in their tracks, unsure of what was happening. The mist thickened… Vague shapes began to form in the fog, indistinct at first, like an old photograph left too long in the sun. But slowly the forms grew more and more substantial until all became clear…


·         Tom frantically tried to escape but he tripped over a stone, falling on his back, the troll almost upon him. Instinctively he raised his arms above himself, as if that would protect him. The troll let out a blood-curdling scream and swung his club high up into the air. Tom closed his eyes…

About the author


Bellchar is a critically acclaimed author in Elfhaven. That’s in a parallel universe, for those of you who don’t know. Obviously, Bellchar is a rock troll. As this is his first novel published on the planet Earth, and due to the fact that there appears to be strong and continued prejudice against rock trolls on this planet, Bellchar has wisely decided to publish on Earth using a “quill name.” The author has chosen to write under the name of a human who befriended him some


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