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Friday, June 6, 2014

FLOWERING BOX SET---by Sarah Daltry

Flowering (Volume 1) Box SetFlowering (Volume 1) Box Set by Sarah Daltry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received this box set as a gift from Sarah Daltry team - in exchange for an honest review. In the box set you will find a Her Brothers Best Friend, Forget Me Not, Lilly of The Valley and Star of BethlehemSarah has done an outstanding job writing all 4 of these books. They are so full of depth, emotion, abuse, sex. That you find yourself wanting to at times to wrap your arms around the characters because they are hurting so bad.
Her Brothers Best Friend -- Lilly has had a crush on Derek all her life. Now that she is 18 will that wanting be satisfied?? Will Derek want her as much as she wants him??
Forget Me Not--Here we find that Derek, Lilly and her brother are now in college. But at separate schools. Derek promises that that he will visit every weekend. But on the first weekend , he tells her that it will be every other weekend as he is joining a soccer team. Lilly is not happy but agrees. She asks him to remember her birthday as it is their 1 year anniversary. Will Derek Forget her ?? Forget Me - Forget Me Not??
Lilly of the ValleyNow in this story-- Boy does it get better!!! Now we have Derek, Lilly and Jack. A love triangle. You will find out how Lilly and Jack meet. And how Lilly starts to really find herself in college. Jack brings out a side of her that only he can. So which guy will win her heart Derek or Jack???
Star of BethlehemCollege is on break for the holidays. Alana who is Jack's only friend has been helping him over Christmas. He bought Lilly a Christmas gift but it wasn't very personal. Lilly loved it ( sex toy) At any rate- now its New Year's Eve and Jack is going to meet Lilly's parents. They are all happy meeting him- until Derek comes in an makes a scene. Well- If I keep going I will tell you the entire story!!!
You will need to read this book.
All four of these books can be found separately or in a box set. I hope and strongly suggest that get "FLOWERING SERIES" and start reading about Jack and Lilly as you will not be sorry.
Thank you Sarah for bringing them in our Lives.You have taught each of us that even though some people do not show it. They still might be suffering from some sort of pain whether it is from their childhood or adulthood. I love your characters---
For each of these books I give them a 10 star

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