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Friday, January 10, 2014


I received this book as an ARC from the author Charlene Martin in exchange for an honest opinion . And this is mine.. I started reading this book and boy was it a spell bounder.Here are two people who meet in there dreams- however one is always watching over the other. Without her knowing it. He has been doing so since she was a little girl. One night she goes to a bar to have a night out with friends . The guys keep giving her drinks. one right after the other. She downs them . She becomes so drunk that someone has to take her home . One of the guys offer to. And thats where the trouble starts and where she meets her dream man. Now if I keep going I will spoil the story for you. I can tell you this it is one that you can not put down. I recommend that you go get it NOW!!!!! I rate this book a 30 stars , the scenes, characters, events ; everything in the book is right on target. YOU HAVE GOT TO GET THIS BOOK NOW!!!!!

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