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Saturday, February 14, 2015


 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!! HERE IS YOUR SPECIAL SWEET TREAT FOR THE DAY!! AN UP CLOSE AN PERSONAL INTERVIEW WITH DANI HART.. Please seat back and I hope you enjoy the interview. You will get to see a whole new side of Ms Hart and learn a lot more about her,
Mousiey-- Good morning and Thank you for joining us today Ms Hart. May I call you Dani??
Dani--- Yes, please! I swear I try to get my niece to call me Aunt Dani like she used to but she won't anymore. *sad face*
Mousiey-- Thank you ..Dani When actually did you know you wanted to start writing ?? And what was your very first story you wrote?
Dani--I'm one of those writers at birth. Ok well maybe not right at birth, but pretty close after. I have journals dating back to 1987, when I was 10. It's always been my reprieve. I mainly journaled about my life, so more like a diary, but then when I got a little older I would write poems and submit them to magazines. I never wrote any actual stories until I was in college. I know it's crazy, but I was more of a poet. In college I majored in Theatre at USC, but also did a minor in Screenwriting. My first story was my first screenplay.
Mousiey-- I see from your Bio that you are a wife of a fire fighter. Is that what inspired your to write Firefighters Flame? And who did you base your characters off of it ?
Dani--Yes, he is! And yes, I did! A Firefighter's Flame (AFF) was that story I HAD to write and a lot of it's inspired by my own life. The characters are loosely based on people in my life. It's such a dark and sensitive book that I don't want to name people, but I am bipolar which is what inspired Lennox to be bipolar, as well. There aren't a lot of books out there with characters with disabilities or disorders so I think it adds to her as a whole.
Mousiey-- Your newest novel Forgotten Treasures, How did you come up it ? And who did you base your characters off of it?
Dani--Oh gawd, how did I come up with it?! I was camping with the family and I knew I wanted to write a new adult book and then it just slowly started coming to me. I write very organically, so all of my stories start with a character and then the story just kind of unfolds as I go. It's weird and it makes for a messy rough draft and heavy first edit, but I feel like my work is more unique and natural that way. The characters are not based on anyone I know and I don't do muses because I don't really watch TV or movies. I just give them traits based on how they fit into the story and they come alive from there.
Mousiey-- You are a multi-genre author and reader but do you have one favorite genre that you really like to read or write about?
My favorite genre to read is paranormal because it's different. But I have happened upon a few books recently that are new adult that are unique in their own way that I have loved. It has to be different or I won't finish it. I rarely have time to read so it's precious.
Dani--My favorite genre to write... I though it was fantasy, but damn that sh*t is painful to write! Setting up worlds and being consistent are extremely difficult in fantasy to the point where it takes me about a year to do a turn around. My motto is "I write what my heart sings" because I don't force what I'm writing next. I listen to what is singing in my heart and head. That's how I became multi-genre.
Mousiey- Being a wife and mother. How do you find the time to write?
Dani--Finally, both kids are in school at the same time, so I have more time to dedicate to it, but it's still a balancing act because I also work a part time job (online form home) in the morning. I don't force time. When I have time to write and when the inspiration is demanding it I do it. I'm not in this for the income (although that would be nice), so I'm not about turning and burning.
Mousiey-- You not only write adult book but also ya books. Do you have ya book coming out soon? And if so can you tell us what it is?
Dani--Hmmmm. Well, I write CLEAN, so most of my books can be read by YA readers. My NA's I purposely write so they can be marketed for both YA & NA. I just don't have it in me to write dirty LOL. I tried once and I couldn't take it, so I cleaned it up. I don't want to commit to saying what my next release will be because I have 2 WIPs actively screaming in my head and they are completely different genres. One is paranormal (NA/YA) and the other is new adult (NA). I'm not sure which one will win my full attention yet.
I have personally read your books and I can say that you write very interesting and yummy ones, And I am so looking forward to your new paranormal book that you are speaking about. Along with your new adult book.
Mousiey--- Dani, can you tell us what separates you from the other authors ? Your writing style? Your motivation?
Dani--My writing style and writing voice are is very unique. You won't see me regurgitate stories already out there. I'll always have a new spin on one of the 36 dramatic situations that exist.
Mousiey-- Who is Dani Hart??
Dani--Read my bio at It says it all.
Mousiey -- How can your readers contact you ??
Dani--Any way really. I am super easy going. FB message, email. Ok I shouldn't say ANY way! LOL! Don't call me on the phone or show up on my doorstep. PLEASE.
Ok Folks you heard that no phones calls and no sudden visits please.
Mousiey-- Is there anything else you would like to share with your readers today??
Dani--Forgotten Treasures: A Second Chance Novel is a clean new adult releasing on Feb. 23rd. You can add it on Goodreads now!
Mousiey...Thank you ever so much for taking your time being with us today. I have enjoyed having you with me . Remember folks ,Dani Harts books Forgotten Treasure will be available everywhere on Feb. 23rd. Check out her website to see her other books available now. Thank you Dani
Dani--. It's been great!!

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