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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Mousiey has a FANTASTIC READ for you today!!! This one is from a new author named RHENNA MORGAN!! Her book is titled UNEXPECTED EDEN. AND IS IT UNEXPECTED!!! It has everything you are looking for and more!!! I rec'd an ARC from this author in exchange for an honest opinion . This is mousiey very honest opinion of her book!! I can not wait to read more book written by Ms Morgan- her style is very intriguing and unique. She has you drawn into her story from the very first page of it, 
The way this is written it is a love story thru the centuries. Eryx the leader as he calls himself( which in truth he is a king of the Myren Race) has been searching for a long time for his mate. He finally found her in a bar working as a bartender. Her name is Lexi. She does not realize it but she also of the Myran race. Just did not know it. Now one of the leaders enemies is after Lexi and wants her. Will he get her?? Will Eryn make her his make queen?What happens when Eryx takes Lexi to his world?? For all these answers and more you need to read this story,I recommend this book for everyone !! Mousiey gives it a 50 out 5 stars!! Go to goodreads and add it to you to read list. Make sure that after you read it that you do an author a favor an leave review. NOW RUN AN GET YOUR COPY OF IT TODAY!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting me and for the lovely review. :)


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