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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Mousiey has the second book in the McKenzie brothers series. It is called "PLAYING WITH FIRE" and by KIMBERLY NEE. Once again Ms Nee has done it again. 


I rec'd an ARC of this second book in the series of the McKenzie brothers from the author Kimberly Nee, in exchange for an honest opinion. This is mousiey very honest opinion. Ms Nee has done it again this book is awesome!! And even better than the first one. Ms Nee has a true talent with words and story telling . she can make them come to life and jump off the page right before your eyes. In Playing in Fire we find Drew the youngest of the McKenzie's brothers in the House of Eros. Where young women are being bidded upon. One catches his eye her name is Heather Morgan. She came be there as her father sold her to pay off his debts. ( Man that bites big time- to think a father would that to his own child). And rate Drew finds himself bidding to safe her from a fate with another that would ruin her or could even kill her. He ends up paying a high price for her. Takes her to his house. Only to learn that he has to leave for his home to take care of family business. He takes Heather with him. Drew sees Heather as his mistress an nothing more. He has been burned by another - has lost all faith in women now. He will use them as mistress but will not marry-or so he says. This story is very moving-romantic-compelling-page turning/edge of your seat. This is an amazing love story set in the historical setting. In order to see how this book ends and how and what happens to Drew and Heather you will have to read Playing with Fire. As Drew really does play with Fire !!. I recommend this book to everyone especially those of you who love to read a great Historical romance novel. Mousiey gives it a 40 out a 5 stars rating. Now run and get your copy today.

Playing With Fire, Book 2
The last place Heather Morgan thought she’d find herself was in a house of Eros. There she waited to be sold to the highest bidder as a way to pay off her father’s mountain of debt to the proprietor of the gaming house holding the auction.
Drew McKenzie had no intention of buying a mistress. But something about the delicate beauty with chestnut hair and gold-flecked dark eyes stirs something inside him. He's been hurt before and isn’t willing to risk his heart a second time.
But when Heather's scandalous past is exposed, Drew must choose between his love for Heather, or his family’s honor. Caught between the two, Drew realizes what it means to be playing with fire.
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