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Friday, February 6, 2015


 THE AUTHOR OF "PROJECT OF BEING A WOMThe Project Of Being A Woman: Enlists great meaningful- deep thoughts , stomach provoking content, and a rise of emotions. Set upon 4 different black women lives. 
The stories you'll read and digest. Within yourself will change your perspective on the struggles women endure; by just being women.
Laura: 29 years old successful woman with a hard to digest past. At the peak of her marriage she's on demand to provide her marriage with the one thing that's missing. Knowing this may break or make her marriage. She goes to extreme measures to keep her " happy home" happy.
Sidney: 22 years old almost successful in everything but her love life. A radiant woman with great power of the P. Growing up in a rough - poor area and being abandoned by her mother at a young age. Sidney Strives to make it in the modeling world but the shady ways of the Hollywood men causes her morals to be forced. Making choices that she would learn to either regret or live with. She navigates herself through the good & bad of the business while trying to keep her dream alive.
Brenda: 30 years old Establish in a successful " IT" factor lifestyle. a woman of growing pain that she manage to keep in the back of her mind. Striving at a early age to have a " normal life" while loving a fallen victim drug addict mother. Her life since those very touching moments that taught her how to be the woman, wife,and newly mother she has become. The walls of her " happy home" will be tested as things reveal themselves and Brenda learn to find herself again.
Veronica: 20 years from the deep south. Veronica makes effort to run her business at her newly owned bridal shop and to actually enjoy this moment in her life. Being a young independent adult and the first of her mother's two kids to relocate north. She enlists for great adventures, a successful business and maybe just maybe she'll find someone to peak her interest. But after one traumatic life changing event living in this cold city. She starts to discover reality and if she could ever trust again. 
These are the tales that will help you understand The Project Of Being A Woman. 

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