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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Spanish Nights (A Jinn's Seduction #1)Spanish Nights by Valerie Twombly
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mousiey has several books now for you from a very talented and who has an amazing imagination. Never have I seen a writer - that has written a book about jinn's like Ms Twombly has before. This book is entitled "SPANISH NIGHTS", and it is none other than VALEIRE TWOMBLY. I was gifted this book by the author. This is my very first book that I read of hers. And I found it be a jem of a book. When you think of jinn - you think of the tv version like Jennie.The one that lived in the bottle. However, this one lived in a total different place all together. That is until he made another one jinn mad at him.
Let mousiey give you all a nibble of jem. The story starts out with Armand and another jinn by the name of Cyndel speaking of marriage. Cyndel believes that Armand will marry her and they will live happily every after. However, he tells her that he does not love her. He uses her for a good lay- and tells that when he is done with her that the guards can have her. Cyn attempts to talk to him about making plans for their wedding. At this Armand has made Cyndel so mad that she takes her anger out on him to the point that he never expected. It is at this point that he finds himself next to a fire and naked. His brother Crone has built the fire and made the home in the cave for him to live in. He explains to him what has happened and to him. He is only allowed to be with him for the next 24 hours then he will be ripped away-after that he will be allowed to come back to earth every 6 months. No one else in the family is allowed to visit at all. The only powers that Armand has been left with is immortality and his healing powers.
Now we have a women by the name of Makayala enter the story. She has just divorced her cheating husband- the rotten dog!! Kayala is an author- a well known one. Recently had a book published by the name of "Fatal Desire" ( name sound familiar?) Any rate she hasn't written a word in several weeks -before her agent drops her. She decides she has to get her groove back, and start writing again. After talking to her best friend, she decides to take a trip. Kayala is going to go to Spain and write. Once she gets there, she comes face to face with the most handsome man in the world. The closer Armand and Kayala get , the more the dark spirits work to keep them apart. Now I have skip a lot in this story, and there is a whole lot more going on it. Lots of twist and turns . This is a must read for all!!! I recommend it for all paranormal readers and every one over the age of 16. For my rating I give it a rating of 40 out of 5 stars. Ms Twombly has brought her characters to life with a soul, and magic. The scenes are out of this world. NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ?? BLINK YOURSELF TO AMAZON AND GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!!

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