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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Eternal Flame (Guardians, #1)Eternal Flame by Valerie Twombly
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mouisey has a second book for you that has been written by Valerie Twombly. It is called " ETERNAL FLAME" . This book is the first book in the Guardians Series. True to her work and writing she is a master at writing about vampires, and dragons and demons. The way she brings her characters to life is unique and astonishing way. She bring them to life right before your eyes, you can actually picture a man turning into a dragon.Even how she describes Lileta as the wind blows a fiery ball of fire into her hand as she glows in the pits of hell. As for her scenes-now they are described to the point that only Ms Twombly could ever have depicted them. With such fine detail and magnitude.
With this being said , here is your little nibble of "ETERNAL FLAME" BOOK 1 OF THE GUARDIAN SERIES......
Our story starts out with Calab ( he is a Gaurdian and a Dragon) he is in the army. Calab has just talked his Lord Odage into allowing him to take the Kothar Demon Lileta as a slave. Calab for some reason realizes that he needs to protect her. Lileta has been being beaten. The army is out looking for a dagger one that they want to get before Lowan gets his hands on.
Unknown to anyone- Odage is a pawn or a puppet of Lowans. He has kidnapped his daughter. Odage will do anything to get his daughter back.
Now as for Calab and Lileta why have the gods allowed them as mates?? See, if Calab mates with her it will kill him. She is poison to him.There are alot more twist in this story. But mousiey isn't going to give the story away. Remember I said a nibble. This book is for all paranormal readers and for all other readers as well!!! Mousiey gives this book a rating a of 40 stars out of 5 !!! NOW FLY LIKE A DRAGON AND GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!! ITS ON AMAZON FLY FLY FLY!!!!

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