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Thursday, December 4, 2014


Endless: A Modern Cinderella TaleEndless: A Modern Cinderella Tale by Jaclyn Weist
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mousiey has another one for today. It is called "ENDLESS " by JACLYN WEIST. I rec'd an ARC from the author Ms West in exchange for an honest opinion of her book. This is my mousiey's opinion of her very delightful and different read. I truly enjoyed reading her book so very much. She has such a way with her characters that you are able to connect with them . Even though the characters in the story are teenagers you can place yourself in their shoes going through there experiences. The scenes are laid out in such depth and detail that you can actually visualize seeing a castle as a bedroom , little mermaids swimming in the lake, etc. This is a fun read sorta like Cinderella except it deals with magic - learning to use magic. And how to stop a horrible nightmare that a young teenager is having over and over again every night in her sleep. Poor Sydney all she wants is a good nights sleep and to get rid of that dream. Her father is a hunt to find a cure for it. He leaves her at home with her wicked step mother and step sisters. Yes you read right!! All she does is clean , clean and more cleaning. Her step mother doesn't even bother to buy her any clothes. After dinner one night before Sydney leaves for summer camp- her dad takes her shopping. ow Sydney actually thinks she is going to a regular summer camp-but on the way there to be dropped off . Her dad tells her that it is in fact a camp to learn to use her magic. And he had a say so where she was going to go for camp. Boy does she feel better. . At the top of the stairs she finds a women that she has to give something to make her happy. But what?? She doesn't know ..
This book is recommended for everyone. As for the rating I give it a 20 out of 5 stars. It is a fast read. It is available on AMAZON !! GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!!

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