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Monday, December 29, 2014


Mousiey has an rather awesome book for you today .. It is the second book in the series by AUDREY CARLAN. This book is entitled "MIND" it takes up right where the first book left off. In the first book "Body" we got to meet Gillian, Chase and all of Gillian's BFF's. In the first book we learned that someone was stalking Gillian. Now, Let's get on to our "MIND" ---- I have to say that Ms Carlan has done this book above and beyond justice. The way she has written this story is so moving and captivating. That it has you on the edge of your seat / page turner -nail biter for sure!! The characters as I had stated before in "Body" are well described and defined- as are the scenes. Now let's get to the heart of the story.
Mousiey is only going to give a tidbit of it.
In "Mind" Gillian and Chase are planning their wedding. All the while the stalker is continuing to send her flowers and messages. They have no idea who he is. But Chase wants to keep her safe. The stalker is playing mind games with Gillian. Now there are alot of twist and turns in this story. Plus a whole lot more going on . Mousiey doesn't want to give away anything. I want you to read this awesome and amazing book!!!
It is on Tour NOW DEC 29TH THRU JAN 4TH 2015
i recommend this book for everyone 18 and over and give it a 25 plus rating !! YES you read that right!! NOW read further and you will get a sample of an excerpt of the book

“Baby, Gillian, I’m here,” Chase’s voice enters my thoughts. I can feel his hand running up and down my back. The lights of the room start to penetrate my senses. I can see the French doors that lead off to the balcony, the mahogany desk in the corner, a wall of bookcases with medical texts and trinkets from around the world. I know this place. I love this place. This place makes me feel safe. Currently, I’m huddled into the corner in a fetal position. 
“Come here, Gillian. I’ve got you, I’ve always got you. Remember, I promised to always bring you back,” Chase’s words reach my subconscious, and I fling myself into his arms. He holds me close, lifts me up and brings me to the chair I was sitting in previously. I hug him tight as he cradles me like an infant. Once my breathing comes back to a neutral pattern I uncurl my legs and look around. Dr. Madison is sitting in his chair, yellow pad held tight by his clenched hand, the paper scrunched up and creased, kind of like my heart after that flashback.
“I’m sorry, Dr. Madison,” I whisper and his head springs up.
“Gillian, you have nothing to be sorry about. I hadn’t realized that you were having the flashbacks again. This stalker business is bringing up some very old wounds, ones you obviously haven’t dealt with. How often are they coming to you?” He asks.
Shame hits me like a physical blow. “Um, I’ve been having them off and on for the past few months. When I moved in with Chase they were all but gone. Then this thing with Phil happened, now they’re back full force.”
“And the nightmares…tell him about everything,” Chase warns forcing me to be honest with the doctor and myself.
I close my eyes and let Chase’s scent fill my nostrils and calm me, his warmth replacing the chill deep in my bones, and his love washing away the shame.
“I’ve had one a night since the note appeared a few days ago at the hospital. I feel like I’m losing my mind, that I’m living in the past. The only thing that can bring me out of it is…” I suck in a breath as the tears spill down my cheeks.
“Is what?” Dr. Madison asks.
“Me,” Chase answers for me and I nod silently, not able to form words. “And I’ll do it every time. Gladly, baby. You’re mine. Not some sick fuck from your past that put his hands on you with hate. I swear to God if I ever see him…”
I turn in his lap and cup his cheeks. “No. He’s ruined enough of me. I can’t let him hurt you. Not you.” I lean my forehead against his.
“Is that what you think, Gillian? That Justin ruined you?” Dr. Madison asks softly.
I nod and look out the window. “I don’t even know why Chase would want someone so messed up. It doesn’t make sense,” I admit. Chase’s arms grip me tight. I scramble out of his lap and into the other chair needing the space to wallow in my own self-pity.
“Gillian, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Not only are you the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known, your heart is bigger than those of a hundred people. You’re smart, silly, devastatingly intelligent, and your soul is pure. I want that in my life. I need that in my life, every day, forever.” Chase comes over to me and kneels at my feet. “No woman has every loved me, the man I am with you.” Chase swallows and kisses my hands. “You are not ruined. Baby, you’re perfect. Perfect for me.”

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