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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


The Buried ChildrenThe Buried Children by Daniel FarcaČ™
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have read this book and was very moved by it.This is the very first book that I have ever read from this author. I found that very different from anything that I have ever read. It takes place in Romania - and starts off in an orphanage. The worst one that you can ever imagine. My heart went out to these children - children that no one wanted , or cared if they lived or died. They only have each other to help them through this horrible ordeal and God. Along the way each of them finds God. They escape the horrible person that tortures them - the one that they call mother. And of course don't forget the janitor who rapes the young girls and then takes them to press to brake bones.This story tells the story of one of them escapes his life in Romania. The way that he is able to describe the scenes and characters . He is able to make them come alive. But then again this IS A TRUE story. You never know. I whole heartily recommend this book to all to read and say to all it is a MUST READ.!! For a rating a firm 30 out of 5 stars. It is available at AMAZON . GET YOUR COPY NOW!!
Now before I leave you all .. I will give you the what the author has to say about his own book . So please do read on!!!

This book is the journal of a Romanian homeless orphan that escaped the streets. It is a healing book.

Life wrote this book. All I can offer you is my reality, my simple truth. The book burst
out of my journal as its own identity after 20 years of weekly confessions. I guess you
couldn’t really understand me and my friends without reading this book.
What happened under the streets of Bucharest will sink into your mind and take you
back into those dark communist times.

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