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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Planning An Addition (Love Under Construction, Book 4)Planning An Addition by Deanndra Hall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mousiey has a wonderful book for you. I rec'd an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest opinion. And here is my honest opinion of "PLANNING AN ADDITION " by DEANNDRA HALL. Ms Hall is a wonderful and very talented writer. This book is the conclusion to the Love Under Construction series. Planning an Addition is book # 4 in the series. and I have to recommend that you get all four of these wonderful books and follow the Walker family. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me say the way that Ms Hall writes and describes her characters are so well defined and are with such depth and soul. Each character she brings alive on paper. You don't think of them As characters of a book, you begin to think of them as actual people. The scenes she writes about are are detailed and described that she brings them to life. You actually can picture the where each person in the story is and what and where they are or how doing something.
Now as for this story itself. It starts off with Peyton Strokes not everything believing that he could find a woman that he could love or that would love him. But one such woman has caught his eye and her name is Molly Walker- before he has a chance to ask her out she asks him out. Then even before they have there first date Jose Flores ask Molly out. Now Molly being Molly says yes. She is now seeing two men at the same time with the other not knowing about the other. Each man satisfies her differently but completely. She wants them both. Now while Molly is seeing both of these guys Nikki is going through a major health problem. The doctors have just told her an Tony that she has cancer. She has to start taking chemo and then radiation treatments. Now back to Molly an her two gents - she finally decides to tell them both about the other one in her life . It has so many twist an turns in it - You never know what is going to happen next. I am going to leave you with these questions.- What happens between the Molly-Peyton and Jose triangle?? And does Nikki live or die at the end ?? This is one book you really need to read !!! Due to the context of the book , I recommend it for adults only. I also give this book a solid 30 stars out of 5 . Now what are you waiting for GO GET YOUR COPY NOW!!!! AT AMAZON!!!!

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