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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


One Condition (The Lust List: Kaidan Stone #1)One Condition by Nova Raines
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"ONE CONDITION" by NOVA RAINES. And boy is it a HOTTIE!! I must say the way Ms Raines writes she has you well wanting- need I say more.
Her characters and scenes are truly amazing very meaty!! You could just grab a bite right out of Stone, he is so well defined. As for his counterpart Ms Wade - she to is described very defined. Lets just say you will enjoy this book so very much. Now Mousiey wants you to grab something to cold to drink ( as you will need when you read this one ). And let me start telling you some of it.
One Condition - The Lust List is is about a man by the name of Stone. Actually Kaiden Stone and Haley Wade. Now as the story starts out we find Haley in her lawyers office going through her fathers will. waiting to find out what she will inherit and how much money. When the lawyer is done is informs her the only thing she has is the condo and 8 figure amount of money. However she can't have it until she gets the family heirloom back, or until she turns 40. Her father must of been high when he made out his will!! He had to have totally crazy she thinks. There has to be a work around - she demands her lawyer to find one until then he tells her that she has to follow the terms of the will. As she goes to leave the office- there are a bunch of photographers out front- thinking that they are for her. she attempts to avoid them. At the same time a man by the name of Kaiden Stine comes out-he grabs her arm and escorted her to his awaiting car. He never tells tell her his name except that he is in the family business - and that as soon as they loose the car following them, He will take her to her car in the parking garage. which he does. When she arrives home she is met by some really bad people.When her father died he left owing a lot of money to a drug dealer. And in his eyes -the debt is passed down thru the family, which in this case means Hailey. Hailey tries to explain to him that she doesn't have any money -but he doesn't take no for an answer. He demands that the next time he shows up that Hailey has all of his money or else. And just to prove his point he brakes her car window. She tries calling her brother to warn him about these guys -but no answer. She's worried- the next morning ; Hailey calls her attorney and Mr Stone answers the phone. They speak for a few and he gets her to agree to have dinner with him.
Now thinks heat up between between the two of them . He insists that she attains a family party with him. Char her best friend a;ways loves to shop - however since Hailey doesn't have any money. Hailey really doesn't want to go- but how do you tell you bestie that your broke?? So they go shopping- she finds a glamours green gown for herself and well Char always find lots for herself. There are so many twist and turns in this story - Mousiey is going to leave you here. See - I will tell you this- it seems that our hunk of a man Kaiden at one time was seeing a young lady by the name of Peyton. They were almost married -but something happened. What?? You will need to read the book.. As for whether or not Kaiden ends up with Peyton or Hailey ?? and what about those nasty mean drug dealers?? For all of this an more YOU NEED TO READ THE BOOK!!! I recommend it to all- and give it a 20 out of 5 star rating. NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO GET YOUR COPY TODAY!! RUN DON'T WALK ....

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