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Sunday, September 28, 2014


Captive of MagicCaptive of Magic by Racquel Kechagias
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I rec'd a copy of this book from the author Racquel Kechagias in exchange for my honest opinion. This is my very honest opinion. The characters are so well defined and amazingly described that you can actually picture them all. ( Now can you see the king of Fae just sitting on his throne holding his staff?? While once you read this book you will) And as for the scenes- they too so described to a tee. You can picture the forest, meadow and even the Fae kingdom. Ms Kechagias has a way with her writing and imagination that you can see everything.This being said let me tell you the story, pull up a chair grab a cup coffee and come cookies.
The story starts out as Lila is being informed by her father that she must marry as they are broke. The marriage will benefit them-and put the family back in good graces in the community. Lila asks what happened to marrying for true love?? Her grandmother had that and so do they??Her Father, Claudius , tells her that he will give her 14 days to find it. But only 14 days - after that she must marry the young that they have arranged for to marry. She agrees, and goes upstairs to her room.That night she decides to take a walk into the meadow to think- she hear a voice. Now she remembers her grandmothers warnings about the fae. That they are magical and will trick you. But the voice is calling to her asking her to follow it. Which she does and she finds a very handsome man by the name of Thanaton who begs her to met him by the lake tomorrow. She finally agrees, it starts raining, she is soaking wet. Lila wakes up in her bed with no memory of how she got there.Her mom informs that they will going into town and she will be staying home. ( because they so far away it takes one day to arrive and another to come home). When they live she decides to go into her fathers study- she is looking for information ;starts out checking the bookcase. No luck, then she goes to his desk and checks the drawers. Bingo!! She finds a tape, decides to play it. On the tapes are some voices. She hears her grandmother an father speaking to each other.Her grandmother, Scarlet is explaining to her father that someone will be coming for her soon. She has to pay her debt as it is time. They are coming to kill her. She explains that she left the fae kingdom and failed her people and his father. Yes, the King of the Fae is your father, Claudius. ANd now it is time that I pay my debt. But, one day they will also come for Lila and she will have to make a choice, and I hope that she is able to make a wise one where I failed. Hearing the tape she runs and runs until she can't run any more She is at the lake where she finds Thanaton. He believes that she has come because he asked her to. Then realizes that she has not. He asks her some questions she gives him answers -he says she lies!! Don't ever lie to me again!Lila tells him that he is not human and that she will go with him to do her duty. What ever that is. He tells her that she has to collect 3 items to safe the fae world. Along the way she meets Guido who assist her on her journey.
Now I am not going to finish telling you the rest of this story as I want you to read the book. It has a lot of twist and turns. You never know what is going to happen next. Once you start reading this book you will not want to put it down!! With the imagination , excellent writing of the author, scenes that so amazing described, and the characters that so well defined. I give this book 25 out of 5 stars rating. This is a must read for a and especially for paranormal romance lovers!!
Now before I close I have asked Ms Kechagias some interesting questions and I wanted to share the answers with you.

When you are writing your books how do you come up with your characters?
In a sense that’s tough to answer. I don’t feel that I come up with my characters, rather I feel that my characters make themselves known to me. My characters are very vocal and expressive about who they are and what they want to do and so it’s easier for me to know them. There are times where I do have to dig deep to understand their complexity.

Who do you base your characters off of?
Since my characters make themselves known to me I don’t necessarily have to base my characters off of anyone. They may have characteristics that I’ve seen in other people (or even sometimes myself) that I believe are worth writing about but other than that I can’t really say that they are based off of anyone or thing.

What made you start writing about paranormal romance?
I’ve always loved reading paranormal/fantasy stories and about 95% of my bookshelf is paranormal or fantasy (usually YA). I think it’s just that love for it that drove me to start writing about it and continues to do so.

When did you know that you wanted to start writing?
Sometime during mid-high school around 2006-2008. It was when I first did a creative piece for my English class that I realised that I wanted to do writing as more than a project for school. Around that time I was reading stories like Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling and Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer, which I guess was my first inspirations towards writing paranormal and fantasy novels.

Is paranormal the only type of books that you plan on writing?
Actually it’s not. I do want to someday write a thriller novel and I have a few ideas that could lead towards a MS being crafted. Whether or not it’ll be something I publish will have to wait until it’s actually written lol

Is there anything that you like to tell you readers about yourself?
What can I tell you about me? Well I like long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners… and that’s totally cliché and entirely untrue. I’m just an honest, down to earth woman who’s currently studying a bachelor of arts, majoring in English and Education. Obviously as an inspiring author I hope to win the golden ticket to my very own publishing deal but I also have the backup plan of being a primary school teacher. On the way I hope to meet the right guy and get married and all of that romantic life choices but at the moment I’m content with waiting. I love marvel movies and particularly the villains and anti-heroes. To sum up I’m a big nerd and my computer savviness doesn’t help to persuade people otherwise.

As for my current WIP’s (Works in progress) I’ve got a few going on. First is ‘Blood Magic’, it’s a paranormal romance/fantasy set in the 18th hundred, a hundred years before ‘The Fire Within’ (which is the first book in my series ‘The Fire of the Soul’). It’s about one of the characters in my series and his life before as a human (before he become a vampire). Secondly is ‘The Eternal Flame’ the third and final book in my series. It’s still in the first draft stages but I’m about a quarter of the way through it. It’ll be released in January/February 2015. I’m also writing a short piece for a new anthology series which will be released around mid-2015 which will be a small story set in the next novel’s universe that I’ll be doing once I put ‘Fire of the Soul’ to rest. It’s something that I’m really, really excited about!

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