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Friday, September 5, 2014

Accepting the MoonAccepting the Moon by K.S. Haigwood
My rating: 20 of 5 stars

I rec'd an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest opinion. This is my opinion of her book.
OMG K.S. Haigwood has done it again!!! First we had the Save My Soul series and now we have Accepting the Moon. She is such an amazing and talented author.
This book is so amazing an has you right from the start .. It starts off with a couple who has been married for 12 years, And the husband has just been caught in a lie about cheating. His wife Mena is hurt beyond words ( and who wouldn't be) is leaving him. However , he isn't up for that. He slaps her, and then she does the
unthinkable- she slaps him back leaving a nice cut on his face with her ring.We next see her driving her car and almost getting in an accident as a pack of dogs run in front of her. She decides to spend the night at a hotel where her husband will not be able to find her. It is pouring down rain. When she gets out of her car a man comes to her rescue to help her with her umbrella. Then all of a sudden the dogs are there an he tells her that he can protect and get her out of there alive-to trust him. A car drives up out comes her husband and demands that Mena comes to him and it is at that point she finds out that the dogs are not dogs at all but are werewolves. And the man that is trying to help her is a vampire. Mena tells her husband, Marc that she is going to go with Jaxon as she trust him and not Marc. That is when the little doggies start to fight. Jaxon and Mena have to fight there way out. In the process Mena gets bitten and she kills Marc. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell ua!! Marc is the pack leader of the were's. When Mena kill's him she become's the new pack leader,
Jaxon takes her to his master Phoenix, where she will be safe. Now do you really think I am going to tell ya the rest of the story??
My questions to you are as follow....
Does Mena get accepted as the new pack leader?? What happens between Mena and Phoenix?? Phoenix and Jaxon??
This story keeps ypui on the edge of your page. It is a up all nighter !! You can not put this book till have finished it. It is just that good.
The characters are well fleshed and described. You get to know them quite well. As for the scenes they are described in detailed to the point that you can imagine yourself right there with the characters. This book I believe is written for the young adult and paranormal readers. I rate this book 20 stars out of 5 stars.

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