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Friday, August 22, 2014


MOUSIEY BOOKS Without our authors we would not have anything to Read !!! Please keep writing dear authors ,We love you! <3

MouseheartMouseheart by Lisa Fiedler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my goodness , what can I say about this book. "Mouseheart" by Lisa Fielder. This is the first book of the authors that I have read, and after reading this one. I am going to make sure that I read more of hers.Matter of fact, I really truly enjoyed this book so very much.Filled with so many laughs, twist and turns poor the little muo It is a totally different type of book that I have been reading.
The author has done such an wonderful job telling the story and bringing to life Hopper the mouse. This story is awesome!!
Now before I begin, go get your coffee an cookies. Good your back!! As the story starts out our little friends are in a Pet Shop, and poor Hopper, Pinkie & Pup ( who is the runt) are in their cage. Now, a young boy walks in with a Boa (snake) around his neck looking for feeders. Hopper realizes that him, and his siblings are what is called the feeders. Lucky for them, the shop owner had already closed out his register for the day ;so the kid will have to come back in the morning.During the night, Hopper makes a plan to escape. He tells all the other little mice in the cage with him. His sister, Pinkie wants to bite the human, ( She likes to bite an chew all the time).
Now this is where the story starts to heat up.. In the morning they make there breakout!!The way they run up and down the human is so funny and cute. Hopper gets away, but he can't find his sister an brother. He is worried about them. Along comes a rat by the name of Zucker, who saves him from a metal machine ( train), and there long friendship starts. Zucker and Hopper together have quite a story to tell in this book.
And this my friends is where I will leave you with these questions...
IS Hopper able to find his lost siblings?? If so, does he save them?? Who are the Mus?? and what does it have to do with him (Hopper)?? These questions and more are answered in this book. One other question, who is the promised one??
Now I give this book a rating of 10 stars for creativity , storyline and the wild adventures and imagination of the author!!! As I read this book, I was so pulled along into it- at one moment I actually thought myself a little mouse on a mission with Hopper.
I recommend this book to children , ya, and adults. We all can use some childhood memories. NOW GO GET T

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