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Friday, August 15, 2014


I received and ARC of "Buffalo Heat" by N. Kuhn, in exchange for my honest opinion. This is my opinion of the book. First let me tell you that this book has so much to offer to the reader, it is HOT, SEXY, STEAMY, COMPELLING, and has an inside look at what police officers go through under cover. The characters are all well defined and described as being sexy, hot, and yes one can even say well heated!! The scenes that Kuhn has laid out for us are very well described also. You are able to picture yourself right there in the story along with her characters. Can you just imagine yourself being in a room while a cop is being beaten by a mobster?? Or how bout in the room watching a pole dance with a stripper?? This book is totally different from any books that I have read recently- it is about our officers in blue, both good and bad ones; then we have our mobsters, oh yes the FBI , and some other officers in there also. Now why don't you go get a cup of joe , and a doughnut then pull a chair while I continue on. Aww good your back... Buffalo Heat starts off in a strip club where we meet Candy on the dance pole. She has recently graduated from the police academy and is now UC working for Sal. Candy has been under now for 4 months and has been an officer for 6 months. No one other than Hanson knows that she is working under or so she thinks. That is until the oneday Hanson fails to show up. This is when Dom better know as Dominic shows up sitting at Hanson table; dressed as a geek. Yes, a said a geek -nerd- brain head. But boy is he something to look at!! Well , Candy desides to make him all hot and bothered; so she goes right up to him and starts stripping. Lucky guy!! That's what the rest of the club is thinking. And the end of her dance she collects her tips goes to locker puts the money in there. Wonders for a moment about continuing danceing after the UC opperation, then changes her mind and goes out front to do a lap dance or two. She goes up to geek boy and pulls him in to the back - this is when he informs her that Hanson is missing. And when all Hell brake loose in the story!! And I do mean that- this story heats up here!!! You are sitting on the very edge of your seat/ page. Just to see what happens next. Now, I could continue on and tell you or I could give these questions to consider for yourself. Which I am going to do. Mean aren't I ?? Nope not at all - I read the book and found this so HOT - STEAMY- AND COMPELLING - so you should READ IT ALSO!!!! Here are your questions- just how many people really end up being UC besides Candy?? and Candy isn't aware of them either is she?? Does Sal her boyfriend mobster get rid of her just like he did the other 4 previous girlfriemds?? What of Sal's father -what happens to him?? Is Candy finally able to take Sal down and come out of UC?? or- do they get rid of our little Candy ?? What about the Geek boy?? Does Geek boy Dom and Candy hook up?? These and more are answered when you read BUFFALO HEAT!!! I give this book a true rating of a 5 plus and recommend it adults due to material of the book. If you are 16 and above then I would recommend that you read this. N. Kuhn my hat's off to you. You have a true work of art here. I look forward to read another book like this. I so would love to read another story where are characters Candy and Dom have gone back UC again. NOW PEOPLE GO GET THIS BOOK!!!! YOU CAN FIND IT ON AMAZON SO GET TO READING IT TODAY!!! ENJOY YOUR READ LIKE I DID!!

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