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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

***********PROPHECY OF ELFHAVEN BY K. M. Doherty************OMG!!!!! THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR THIS STORY!!!!

The characters of the book!!!

I received a ARC of this book; "The Prophecy of Elfhaven" from Bellchar who does by the pen name of Thomas Holland here on Earth. Sit down pull up some cookies and coffee as I, mousiey take you on a journey thru another universe.
You see, every time demission has an alternate one . It like the saying everyone has a twin .

 As I read this book , I loved more and more of it. And found mself not being able to put it down at all. Before I knew I had the book finished and was greedily looking for more of it. The story is that good!!!
  When the story starts out we find young Tom in is messy room ( an what child does not have a messy room?? Unless we as mouse mothers clean up after them) Lol!!His young friend comes over to visit him and help him work on his robot named Choloe. Now your thinking , every tween has a robot that are working on ,right?? Well they do if their mom is a well know scientist and so is their uncle Carlos!!
 At any right, moving right along , Tom mother takes him and his robot to her job oneday as everybody; and I do mean everybody wants to meet Choloe!!

She is showing Tom how the equipment works when something happens. A portal to another universe opens. They decide to send in his robot to retrieve the information that they need, but are unable to bring her back. This is when as Bellchar says the story gets good head butting good.
  As our young Tom  jumps thru the portal at the few seconds before it closes. He finds himself in another  universe. A universe of trolls, elf's fairies, magic and more. House's that breathe, trees that do so also.
This story has so much in it - and I just bring myself to give the story away to you. I give this story a 10 plus rating on creativity, the characters, the plot, and the total amazing work of the author!!!



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