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Saturday, July 19, 2014


LovesFool is written by Avery Hale. I received an ARC in exchanged for an honest opinion. This is my opinion. When I started reading the book, I thought it was just another love story. However, the more I read and the deeper I got into the book. I found myself, not being able to put the book down. This story is so amazing an interesting that -Mr. Hoffman has truly out did him self with this story.
 Grap a cup of coffee an sit down for a moment an let me tell you about this book. It starts off in airport at the baggage claim, where 2 bff are getting their luggage. However, one of the girls, by the name of Phin Swift can not her bag. A hunk of a man comes walking up with it  ( it has a pink ribbon tied to it) and states that he accidently picked it up by mistake. Now Dez being man hungry and horny goes  after him; only to come back and report that he is  gay. Phin has saved and practically starved herself for this vacation in Costa Rica. And Dez states it is here she will get over Michael, her lying, cheating boyfriend.
They end up going on touring where they meet Carlito and Estevan. Estevan and Dez start having a little romance thing going on. The fella's take the girls out to drink and clubbing every night. They even take them out  to dinner. Carlito gets Phin really drunk on the first night however she looses everything .
 Now all the while Phin is trying to have a nice time, she is calling Michael. The first night  a women answers his phone and she hangs up. But she is also getting to know a man by the name  of Byron. Who she feels pulled to.
   Now they saw when you go to Costa Rica single you find your true love. So, did Michael and Phin get back together again?? What happen between the four new friends?? What happens between Phin and Byron??
 This story has so much happening in it -there are so many twist an turns. You have to READ THE BOOK. THE one thing I didn't tell you is that Micheal works for a law firm and has stolen from his client's and wants Phin to lie about what he has done. So will she?? I give this book a 10 rating it has everything that you want in a book an more !! Love ,Romance ,Sex!!!!

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