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Monday, June 30, 2014


young pretty kissing wedding couple against sky

Primordial Dust by Sarah Daltry is so fabulously written. You will believe that you are right there with the Princess and her Betrothed. I received my book in the mail on a Saturday afternoon and could not put it down till I had completed it. I had to keep going and reading each word. It is just that awesome!! Do I have you interested yet???
 Well let me tell you a little about it.
You see -- there are these kingdoms and in this one the King &Queen of Kooram. They decide it is time for their daughter the princess Alondra to marry. They want a kingdom that will join theirs and help protect at the same time. Normally it would fall upon the son to keep the kingdom safe; however since her brother went missing several years ago . It is now up to her. The king decides to marry Alondra to the Prince of Demoria, Seamus.
 Now when they go to his Seamus kingdom for their engagement party . A servant is murder!!! All four parents send Alondra home in hurry. As for Seamus he is suppose to track down the killer. This is where the story really starts to heat up!! When they reach back home everyone is being killed. Nothing left of Kooram. They have to go to the caves. 
 So now there is a war going on.  Seamus s helping to repair the wards. Oh yes, that's right - the story has lots of magic, mages in it.
 Now here is where I will leave you. But with these questions.
Does Seamus & Alondra save humanity?? Did they find love?? And did Alondra finally find out all the secretes that had been kept from her.
There are so many twist in this book. However , I have to tell you YOU GOT TO READ IT NOW!!!! Sarah your writing is pure genius. The characters , seem so real ,the setting is so detailed you believe you are there. I rate this book a 10 out of 5 stars plus.
I feel very fortunate to have bought this book a head of the RELEASE DATE>

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